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Jenkins can't handle % for windows via Jenkins String Parameters. You would have to define the variable in a build step for Execute Windows Batch command. Otherwise Jenkins will turn % into %% for you. – kayleeFrye_onDeck Aug 11 '17 at | show 1 more comment. 1 Answer 1. Active Oldest Votes. 0. On Jenkins on Youtube Build A Steam Box Plugin Windows 10, with two Firefox installer executables in my directory, running for /r %%f in .\*.exe) do echo %%f in a Windows Batch command, I get the following output  I know that running it through cmd /c on windows works fine. The problem exists in jenkins windows batch step. – Joey Yi Zhao Aug 11 '17 at Yes, I understand that. With the latest rumours of Valve's 'living room pc' console the "Steam Box" I thought it would be a cool little project to see how much performance I could. Make your own console: How we built a killer Steam Box for $ By Matthew S. Smith March 2, Make sure to check out our Giveaway for a chance to win our Steam Box build. The Steam Box is now a tangible possibility. Though no release date or final design has been released, Xi3 touted its Piston reference platform at CES while other hardware was examined behind closed doors.  There is one notable sacrifice that had to be made to keep within our budget: Windows. We were forced to drop it for the same reason that Valve launched Steam for Linux. Windows is expensive. Even an OEM copy of Windows 8 sells for $99, which is How To Build A Steam Box For Windows 32 Bit 20 percent of this build’s total budget. There’s no reason you can’t install Windows on our build – but we went with Ubuntu instead. The components.

Jul 11,  · Form the tongue by milling a 3/in. deep by 3/8-in. wide rabbet along the box’s sides. Use #8 screws, /2-in. long, and a waterproof glue, such as Titebond III, to assemble the box. After the glue sets, drill or cut a hole for the kettle’s pipe. The pipe enters at an angle, so make the hole oblong (photo, below left).Author: American Woodworker Editors. You need to construct a wooden box that is seven feet long, one foot wide, and one foot high. You can just use cheap plywood for a steam box. This size will allow you to steam almost any plank of wood and still give you the room you need to place the square footing . A steam box can be made from PVC, plywood or hardwood. It just needs to be able to stand up to moisture and heat. Your steam box needs to have some kind of support for your work pieces inside the box so that they are surrounded by steam, not just heated How To Build A Steam Box For Windows Qos on one or two sides. Dowel rod works well and is relatively easy to install. Metal rods asFile Size: KB.

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