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How to Build a DIY Pallet Wood Picture Frame - TheDIYPlan

A big thank How To Make A Frame Look Distressed Zoom you to Dap for sponsoring this project. Y'all, I could not how to make a picture frame from reclaimed wood be more excited to show you how to make picture frames for maps today!

First, let me tell you how this project came to be. I wanted to change up the art work on it, but since it's such a big wall, things can get expensive quickly, so I knew I needed an affordable DIY art solution.

Around that time, my husband scored an old pallet and my wheels started churning. Joe and I have always loved maps and I knew I could purchase some fairly inexpensively.

Once I knew we wanted to hang maps and use the old pallet, we were off to the races. Now, read on to learn how to make picture frames like ours! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. We used 1 inch pipe. Cut the pieces to length how to make a picture frame from reclaimed wood a compound miter saw or hand saw.

We cut ours so that they overhang the maps slightly. Then sandwich the print in between them and clamp them together for 30 minutes while the Rapid Fuse cures. Don't believe it's that easy.

I'll prove it! Check out the video below. Before we get started, here are some diagrams to identify the different pieces of the project that I refer to in the tutorial don't worry, it's really not THAT complicated, promise. We only had one pallet to work with, so we needed to rip ours down to effectively double the amount of wood we could work with.

But it would look awesome with wider wood pieces as well! Start with wood pieces that are the same width as the front pieces of wood from Step 1. Rip the back pieces in half. One half will become the glued backer strip and the other one will become the hinged backer strip as shown in the diagram of the back of the frames. We use it whenever we can when working with reclaimed wood.

By the time you glue and clamp all the pieces, the first one you worked on should be ready to be unclamped! You will need two screw hooks at the top of each frame to hang it from the pipe.

Then close the hinged backer strips and use two small screws on each end to keep it closed. This will allow you to easily change out your prints down the road how to make a picture frame from reclaimed wood you choose to!

This is what the frame will look like from the back once your print is in place. You can read about exactly how to do that in this post.

Note that because these frames are so heavy, we did use a curtain rod bracket in the center to give the pipe some additional support.

That's it! You have officially learned two different methods for how to make picture frames out of reclaimed materials. This is perfect for maps or any other large scale print and it's SO affordable. The framed maps look awesome with our fireplace that we recently updated for an industrial feel.

We made that DIY barn door style fireplace screen : You can read more about our fireplace makeover in this post. We could only fit 3 of the maps on the foot length of pipe, so we hung the fourth map on the wall and added these gorgeous North Carolina tobacco baskets above Diy Wood Picture Frame Ideas 51 it. I love the added texture and dimensions the baskets add.

And it's super cool that they represent the history of the great state of NC! If you love this idea, but aren't sure how to tackle the rest of the room you are wanting to hang these in, be sure to check out my FREE guide! I love it when how to make a picture frame from reclaimed wood share my ideas and tutorials! Feel free to use one photo provided that a link back to my original post is included. Please do not remove any watermarks, crop, or edit any of my images without first obtaining written permission from me.

All free printables offered are for personal use only. Pinning is always welcome and appreciated! Thank you! This is amazing! I have a print I have been wanting to hang like this for a long Make Picture Frame Out Of Wood Uk time! Great tutorial! Tasha: I love how the room came out and the frames are a great idea.

You have such different and great ideas. Very clever and practical. What I love even more about your room is the sliding screen on the fireplace. Can you tell me where you got that from? We made it! A tutorial is coming on the fireplace screen in the next few weeks!

I am so excited about this project…love the positive feedback I am getting on it. Thanks for reading! Love this! The wood adds such warmth and character to the art. You can see how they look in our room below. And you can see how we made the DIY half frames for them from old pallets in this post. Replace them with completely different pieces of art. You might want to remove pictures and hang your personal assortment of some type of collectible on the wall.

These DIY frames made from reclaimed wood and hung from pipe are a stunning way to display inexpensive maps or other large prints—you can find the full tutorial on how to make the frames here. Show Offscreen Content. Hide Offscreen Content. Hi, I'm Tasha. Can I help you find something? Due to the volume of comments on some of my posts, we made the tough decision to disable comments after the first day a post goes live. If you have a question about this post, just click here to ask away on Instagram!

Comment on my latest Instagram photo OR send me a direct message. If you aren't on Instsagram, feel free to email your question to [email protected]but know it will take us longer to get back to you that way.

We appreciate your patience as we get tons and how to make a picture frame from reclaimed wood of questions from readers every single day. Comments What size are the map prints that you ordered for this project from the etsy store? Well done! Trackbacks […] The 3 free Christmas printables pictured below how to make a picture frame from reclaimed wood sized for larger prints, but you can resize them to print at home if you want!

So unique and […]. Join us on Instagram Y'all, why can't we all just be good, kind humans? The How To Make A Frame Box Name dining room is done and I just hi. It has been a hot minute since I've introduced mys. Click to follow tasha. First Name. Email Address. Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

Great job, I want to make some picture frames and a mirror frame from barn wood and found your site through Google. I have a router attachment for my dremel tool and that is what I will use to cut the grove for the mirror or glass, I just need to buy the proper bit. I like the hardware you used to fasten the miters and that is what I will use.

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