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Osborne EB-3 Miter Gauge Or INCRA Miter HD

I was looking at Rockler Miter Gauge Vs Incra Question the Incra Incra® Miter SE Gauge 86N, Incra Miter Gauge Adjustment but did not pull the trigger. The JessEm's is similar to Incra SE in price. This feature Rockler Miter Gauge Vs Incra 95 "Easy indexing allows for adjustments at 0, 15, , 30 and 45 degrees" would meet all my foreseable needs. For all other angles, I have the Kapex. Part Number: MITER/27F. The Miter is the most-feature rich miter gauge on the planet with the single exception of the Miter SE. The INCRA exclusive AngleLOCK Indexing System delivers lock solid angle stops in 5┬,1┬ and 1/2┬ increments over a full ┬ range with continuous adjustability between all 1/2┬ settings. Jan 10,  · A couple of years back, a friend had Rockler Miter Gauge Vs Incra 12 a JDS Accu-miter, which I thought was about perfect. It seems they're no longer made. Just my luck, and he didn't want to sell it to me. I saw a Jessem Miter gauge in someone else's shop, and I liked it too. Also discontinued.

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