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Dec 18,  · Yes, it is. Aside from being food-safe, it has the following interesting qualities – durability, flexibility, water-resistant, and protective coating. This substance does not go rancid, darken nor attracts mold. Since it gets dried much easier unlike other oils, Tung Oil will not consume much of your time and energy during application. What drew me in to using raw tung oil is that it is completely non toxic and food safe when applied withcitrus solvent. The dark tung oil I used from Real Milk Paint beautifully darkened the IKEA butcher block. It really provided that rustic farmhouse charm I wanted for . Feb 16,  · It is a resin-based tung oil finished (not pure tung oil) and is also a food safe wood finish when dried and fully cured. We still recommend it for Pure Tung Oil Finish Jones some applications – especially around sinks and water sources where it seems to hold up a bit better to standing water.

Pure Tung Oil Food Safe Salad Bowl Finish Paint is approved for food contact by the FDA. View document. Citrus Solvent is a biodegradable, naturally-occurring solvent, as the main component is simply citrus peel oil. Citrus Solvent’s interesting chemical properties, pleasant citrus aroma, and is FDA-GRAS rating (“generally recognized as safe”), view document. Citrus Peel Oil is extracted from citrus rind. Tung oil is extracted from nuts. Known for good water resistance, it often requires numerous coats. It leaves a natural finish that darkens the wood while showcasing the grain. Once thoroughly cured, it is food-safe. Raw linseed oil, extracted from flax seeds, has a good appearance. However it has a lower water resistance and a long curing time. The same as our Pure Tung Oil except that we have added a non-toxic naturally occurring resinous hydrocarbon for color. The resin is non-carcinogenic and does not contain any PCB’s. Dark Raw Tung Oil by The Real Milk Paint Company is water and alkali resistant. It resists marring, penetrates well, elastic and unlikely to check.

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