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Niwaki Sickle. Japanese Kaneshin Bonsai Wire Cutters. Great Dixter Trowel. Please read our affiliates FAQ page to find out more. Offer Ends: Friday, 30 April, Handheld Pull Hoe.

For more garden tool reviews , read our guides to the best garden hand trowels and best secateurs. Traditionally used for harvesting, the sharp, curved blade of a sickle also makes light work of weeding and clearing your plot. With its finely serrated blade, this Japanese-made tool is useful for all garden tidying and trimming jobs and its red, wooden handle is comfortable and hard to lose.

Buy the Okatsune Sickle from Niwaki. Both useful and aesthetic, the traditional shuro brush is made from fibres bound together into a fan-like shape for hand-held brushing and sweeping. Buy Niwaki Shuro Brush from Amazon. A Japanese folding knife is the perfect companion in both the garden and the greenhouse, useful for deadheading, taking cuttings, light pruning and clipping as well as grafting. This 12cm bladed knife has a strong, alloy carbon-steel blade with Second Hand Woodworking Tools For Sale Cape Town a single bevelled edge for precise cutting and a hammer finish, so it looks good too.

It folds with ease into the plywood handle for safe keeping in your pocket or jacket. Buy Japanese Folding Knife from Rutlands. A strong, comfortable pair of secateurs are an essential piece of gardening kit, useful for pruning, clipping, deadheading and general tidying.

In our expert reviews of secateurs, our testers judged the Okatsune Bypass Secateurs to be the best of the bunch. Read the full Okatsune Bypass Secateurs review.

Buy Okatsune Bypass Secateurs from Amazon. For the easy clipping of shrubs, hedges, box balls and other topiary, a pair of hard wearing, hand-held shears are a must. Just what you need to clip and cloud prune with ease. Buy Okatsune Shrub Shears from Amazon. A planting hoe is a strong multi-use tool, great for both clearing and digging. A rubber grip on the handle makes heavy work more comfortable and stops your hand slipping and the stainless steel blade is light, rust resistant and long lasting.

Buy Japanese Planting Hoe from Amazon. A shaped handle will make it comfortable in the hand and a pointed blade Japanese Wood Carving Tools Set Korea helps it cut cleanly through the soil. Simply wipe down with an oily rag to keep it in tip-top condition. Buy the Moku trowel from Niwaki. A tripod ladder provides exceptional stability and balance and is essential for getting where you need to be safely and easily.

The ladder is also waterproof and lightweight, so you can move it around the garden with ease. Buy Tripod Garden Ladder from Amazon. With a beech wood handle and strong 17cm carbon steel blade this could fast become your go-to tool. Buy Hori-Hori Used Woodworking Hand Tools For Sale Engineering Knife at Niwaki.

Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke, rather than the push, which puts the blade under less pressure and means less hard work for you. This folding saw from Silky Fox has Japanese Garden Hand Tools Uk Gmbh teeth close together at the tip for initial pruning and softer wood and larger teeth further down for older branches and once you get going. It folds smoothly and comes with its own plastic scabbard. Part two of a four-part Masterclass series on planning colour in your garden.

Japanese Shears Okatsune No. Japanese Short Topiary Shears. Japanese Loppers. Japanese Barracuda Clippers Tobisho. Japanese Snips Okatsune No. Japanese Pro Barracuda Snips. Japanese Pro-Snips Okatsune No. Japanese Topiary Clippers Pro. Japanese Topiary Clippers Sentei.

Japanese Topiary Clippers Tobisho. Japanese Secateurs Sentei. Japanese Secateurs Okatsune No. Japanese Lightweight GR Secateurs. Japanese Secateurs Tobisho SR Japanese Garden Scissors Okatsune. Japanese Kaneshin Bonsai Scissors. Japanese Kaneshin Bonsai Trimming Scissors. Japanese Kaneshin Bonsai Knuckle Cutters. Japanese Kaneshin Bonsai Wire Cutters. Japanese Herbaceous Sickle.

Japanese Pruning Saw Bakuma Tristar Japanese Folding Saw Bakuma Hunter Japanese Shuro Brush. Japanese Okatsune Sharpening Stone. Japanese Combination Sharpening Stone. Japanese Niwaki Single Holster. Japanese Niwaki Double Holster. Japanese Bonsai Kaneshin Tool Pouch. Japanese Niwaki Camellia Oil for Tools.

Perseus Copper Rake. Deneb Copper Dutch Hoe. Herkules Copper Lawn Edger. Orion Copper T-Handled Spade. Castor Copper Trowel. Musca Copper Scoop Shaped Trowel. Vega Copper Hand Fork. Mira Copper Narrow Trowel. Lyra Copper Claw Cultivator. Nunki Copper Hoop Weeder.

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