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Two of them required a bandsaw upgrade, which meant that I would need to overcome both a time and finance scarcity in order to bring the new designs to life. I needed a bandsaw with the capacity to resaw ” stock for bookmatching, with a maximum cut height of ”, for creating an arc to become the seat of a chair or stool. My existing setup limited me to a 6” cut height, so I knew this upgrade would be quite a jump. The Jet JWBSSF bandsaw was a perfect fit. Most bandsaws on the market that offer a sufficient cut height are high dollar ” bandsaws. I had resolved to watch Jet 14 Sfx Bandsaw Review For Craigslis. Every time a band saw comes up it's either overpriced, or sold before I call. Months. I also belong to all the local facebook for sale groups I can find. So, apparently, this Monday my wife decides she wants to get me a bandsaw for Father's day. Yesterday morning she's like "can we make a 1 hour drive into Tennessee Saturday to go look at something. My spidey senses start tingling. "If this is a tool, just show me the ad so I can decide if it's worth going to look at". So anyway, she'd saw some dude post an ad in a facebook sale forum for a couple woodwo. A bandsaw’s upper blade guard often casts a shadow on your work, even in shops with ample ambient lighting. With a magnetic base, swiveling head, and articulating arm, a magnetic shop light is a fast fix that is sure to shine light exactly where it’s needed for line-splitting, or line-saving, accuracy.  The zero-clearance inserts keep parts from falling through and can reduce exit tear-out, especially when cutting thin material. In the event of accidental contact, nylon won’t dull teeth. If you dedicate inserts to your favorite blades, the three-insert pack will last a long time.  Factory-supplied metal guide blocks can last forever, but they don’t offer much guidance without risk. Occasional contact with steel blocks dull the saw teeth. My Cart. A reliable fence is essential for resawing and other straight-line cuts such as tenons. The operating manual that comes with the Jet and Delta bandsaws leave out many things you need to know. Add uograde Cart. In many cases, the root of the tell-tale thump is the V-belt connecting the motor and drive pulleys.

Go to Home Page. Mobile Navigation. Same Day Shipping Find a Store. Search Go. Item Write a Review. In Stock. Add to Wish List. More Details. View Full Details. Compare With Quick View Item Quick View Item Details Improves saw performance through more consistent blade tracking and a reduction in blade friction. Finesse Your Bandsaw Into a Scrollsaw Make tight radius, complex curves that no traditional guide system can achieve.

Learn More. Either way, just do it. This means that you can resaw boards up to 12" thick. In other words, there can be as much as 12" of clearance between the top of the table and the bottom of the blade guide.

Should you buy a riser block? Here are some things to consider:. I added a brush to keep the bottom tire clean. It keeps saw dust from getting caked on the tire. Works great. You do not need one for the top wheel.

Cool Blocks replace the guides that go on either side of the blade. The Jet saw comes with blocks similar to these, but they wear quickly. If you have a Jet, then use the factory blocks until they get too worn out, then buy the Cool Blocks. If your saw has metal blocks, then I would replace them right away, especially if you are a beginner. The Cool Blocks are much more forgiving.

If the blade teeth hit the metal guide blocks, then the blade will be ruined. You can also make your own blocks from hardwood scraps.

You do not need to replace the stock tension spring unless it gets damaged. Mine got damaged because I compressed it completely, which ruins the spring. I replaced it with one from Iturra Design.

Note that there is a different spring for Jet versus Delta saws. The spring includes a sheet with the approximate PSI for the standard tension marks on Jet 14 Bandsaw Blade Guides Data the saw, which is nice. I replaced the factory belt on my bandsaw with a Link Belt. At least for a Jet bandsaw, urethane tires are a waste of money.

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