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14 rows · The Jet AFS three-speed air filtration system helps to keep your shop a healthier /5(32). Description. The powerful AFS is perfect for the serious woodworker. Simply hang it from the ceiling turn it on and it will clear the room of those Jet Air Filtration System Review Review unwanted fine dust particles. It clears the room at CFM and comes standard with a remote control with built in timer. 10 rows · Apr 27,  · The 3 Speed AFS Air Filtration System from JET is ideal for the serious woodworker. It can /5(6).

Safety Rules for the AFS 1. Read and understand instruction manual before installing Jet Air Filtration System Placement Quote or operating air cleaner. 2. To reduce the risk of Workshop Air Filtration System Diy 4k injury disconnect the air cleaner from the power source (unplug) before servicing or changing filters. 3. If ceiling mounted, bottom of air cleaner must be at least 7 feet above the floor. 4. Description. The JET AFS-2IF, Replacement Inner Filter for AFS in Jet WW, Airl Filtration Accessories Inner Filter for JET AFS The Jet 3-speed Air Filtration Systems clean and circulate the air in your shop while you work, filtering % of all particles, five microns in size and 85% of particles one micron in size. Model AFS is CFM and has 3 speeds: , , It can filter the air in a 20' x 20' x 8' shop in two minutes/5.

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