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AFSB, CFM Air Filtration System, 3-Speed, with Remote Control. This JET® Air Filtration System for Wood Shops runs at max of CFM with a total of 3 . Jan 11,  · Zero dust in the Jet Air Filtration System Model Afs 1000b Parts System air. In my 3-car garage which is half-shop, with definitely sub-optimal air flow possibilities (lots of tall things in the garage, like my mobile clamp / lumber rack which effectively puts a wall in a weird place. I use the Jet AFS whenever I use power tools and use the timer to . Feb 26,  · Try to mount at about feet above the floor (no lower than 6'or 2/3 of the floor to ceiling distance if less than 8' ceiling). Mount along the longest wall so the intake is approximately 1/3 the distance from the shorter wall. Mount no further than inches from the wall.

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