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Table Of Contents. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Jet tools owner manual woodworking planer jwpos 36 pages. Jet tools operating instructions planer jwp 36 pages.

To place an order, call Please have the following information ready: 1. Always wear eye protection. Do not wear gloves, necktie, or loose clothing. Do not force work through the machine.

Allow the planer to apply the proper feed rate. Check the feed rollers before use for chips and sawdust lodged between any of the components. Also use face or dust masks if the cutting operation is dusty. Everyday eyeglasses only have impact jwp-12ex lenses, they are NOT safety glasses.

Page 5: Grounding Instructions Grounding Instructions Caution: This tool must be grounded while in use to prevent electric shock. In the event of a malfunction Woodshop Planer Uk or breakdown, grounding provides a path of least resistance for electric current to reduce the risk of electric shock.

This tool is jet jwp-12dx wood planer jacket with an electric cord having an equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding plug. You will get maximum performance and enjoyment from your new planer if you will take a few moments now to review the entire manual before beginning assembly and operation. Failure to comply jet jwp-12dx wood planer jacket cause serious injury! The extensions were leveled with the table at the factory.

If adjustment is necessary follow these steps: 2. Raise the cutterhead assembly by turning the handwheel. Place a straight edge A, Fig. Page 9 board is narrow enough, consider using a Safety Switch tablesaw or bandsaw jet jwp-12dx wood planer jacket rip the top of the warp before planing the board. If this is not practical, WARNING plane the top of the board until it is flush pplaner Always make sure the switch is in the off the two sides of the board.

If you cut against the grain, planing. Page Adjustments The cutterhead jft been adjusted parallel to the table at the factory. Other material, including aood, will procedure to check and align the cutterhead parallel to the cutterhead: dull or damage the knives.

Lower the cutterhead as low as it will go. Only proceed with this adjustment if absolutely necessary. Remove two hex socket cap screws B, Fig. Page Maintenance 7. Rotate the cutterhead and install the second knife. Install the chip guard. If the motor is running properly, the brushes are good. If the motor slows down under a Page 14 contaminates and increase the wear on the Jet jwp-12dx wood planer jacket Roller Maintenance chain.

The feed rollers are made of jxcket rubber material To access the following lubrication points, and should be inspected after every hour of carefully turn the planer over on its side. Brush off and jwl-12dx out all the sawdust and chips inside the planer. Every one hour of running time Inspect the feed rollers on either side of the cutterhead for any impacted wood chips.

Page 17 Head Jet jwp-12dx wood planer jacket Handle Assembly Hex Socket Cap Screw Lock Washer Chain Guard Upper Guard Knife Gauge Assembly not shown Accessory Package Page jet jwp-12dx wood planer jacket Motor Assembly Motor Casing Motor Assembly Stator Assembly Self-Tapping Screw Motor Label Ball Bearing Rotor Assembly Page 22 Table Assembly Leadscrew left Double Round End Key Bevel Gear Print page 1 Print document 23 pages.

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With the exception of the JWPDX planer, everything was fixed / single phase commercial grade Popular Mechanics Wood Projects Jacket equipment. Space limitations prevented the installation of a full sized 20" fixed planer and since the bulk of our cabinet door face frames are softwood and come in pre-milled to specs, we felt that the occasional need for planning would be /5(6). Find the Jet jet_JWP JWP Thickness Planer parts you need at Tool Parts Direct. Shop thousands of Jet JWP Thickness Planer replacement parts online. Discussion for the Jet JWP Planer. Discussion is closed. To ask our experts a question about a part, use the Q&A feature on our product pages. Question: Planer Belt. jdduece. Hello jdduece, The JWP is the correct belt for the Jet JWP Planer. I know the Delta looks similar but I doubt it will work on the Jet.

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