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Launch customer Air Littoral operated its first revenue-earning flight in December of that year. Transport Canada. Archived from the original on 14 September Vampire trainer production in Australia amounted to aircraft, and the initial order was filled by jet planes art nz 30 T. FS G.

Nok Air's bird planes helped get attention for a young airline. Low-cost Thai carrier Nok decided to have fun with its planes and paint them as colorful birds. Not only are the bright planes fun to spot from the ground, it also provides a response to that old "is it a bird or a plane?

It's both. Kulula -- Flying Low-cost South African carrier Kulula was a contender for the most creative livery design a few years back with its Flying design highlighting different parts of the plane. On the exterior of the cockpit, an arrow points up saying "Big cheese -- Captain, My Captain!

The location of the "black box" flight data recorder is even highlighted with a big arrow. If there's a better or more striking way to understand what's underneath the skin of a plane, we've yet to see it.

Brussels Airlines -- Tintin. The Brussels Airlines A features one of Belgium's most famous exports. Cartoon characters are a consistently popular theme on aircraft liveries, here demonstrated by Brussels Airlines' celebration of one of Belgium 's most famous sons, Tintin. The plane takes the form of a meter shark submarine from the Tintin adventure "Red Rackham's Treasure," while Tintin and his faithful companion, the wire fox terrier Snowy -- or Milou in the original French -- also make an appearance.

You can even read the books inflight in English, French and Dutch. Icelandair -- Northern Lights. Going to Iceland to see the Northern Lights? This Icelandair plane will get you in the mood. As an example of celebrating the splendor of the natural world, few can match Icelandair's Boeing Hekla Aurora, which depicts the spectacular Northern Lights frequently seen in Iceland 's skies. Not only is it a feast for the eyes seen from the tarmac or up in the air, the cabin lighting also mimics the famous natural phenomena.

Lucky passengers may even see the real thing from their window seat. Eva Air -- Gudetama. EVA Air's cute Gudetama theme is completed with pillows and headrest covers. Another cartoon comes in the form of the hugely popular Sanrio character Gudetama, which graces an Eva Air plane on the Taipei to Tokyo route. Gudetama is a lazy, morose egg yolk, usually found resting underneath a bacon blanket. Fittingly, the Taiwanese plane's interior is decked out in egg-yolk yellow, with everything from cups to playing cards to pillows featuring the beloved little character.

Sanrio's most famous character, Hello Kitty, is also no stranger to travel. The feline's face and trademark pink color adorns an Eva plane of her own as well as a bullet train in Japan and a lounge in Taipei Airport.

Azores Airlines -- Whale. Ships and Subs. Action Figures. Sculptures Roaring Glory Warbirds. Display Cases Imex. Follow Us On Facebook! Watch Us On YouTube! Pin With Us! Work began on Monday morning in No. This was yucky, messy work. Next day we took the Avenger to No. Now that masking was complete the new colours could be applied. Getting the colours and markings correct was a job that had been highly researched by ourselves in the painting team along with RNZAF Museum staff, Alpine Fighter Collection staff and other volunteers who had also come to assist.

We were pretty confident that we got the scheme just right and extremely accurate. The blue coat goes on. It has since been repainted magnificently in the 's silver and orange scheme. This was meticulously recreated in both size and colour, to match the original. Roll out - the Friday. This was, as usual, a glorious Wigram autumn day, and Plonky took her place beside her Alpine Fighter Collection stablemates, the PK Kittyhawk and Zero replica flown here by Simon Spencer-Bower to mark the occasion.

It also attended the final full reunion of No. XVIe, in May Plonky was later sold. The Avenger was sold again and moved on to the Steve Searle collection.

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