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NASA - Why Can't We Fly a Plane to Space?

The air is too thin above that height. It would not hold the plane up. Some kinds of planes can fly much higher. One special NASA plane, Helios, flew to about 19 miles. This is far higher than any other plane has gone. At that height, the air is about times thinner than at sea level. This is because of the wing's shape. The air molecules on top are a little farther apart. This makes the air there a little thinner. It also makes less pressure on the top of the wing. There is more pressure on the bottom. So what happens? The wing is pushed up by the air under it. . Sep 03,  · Another reason airplanes can’t fly in space is because they require air to generate combustion. Jets, for example, burn a combination of jet fuel and air in their engines’ combustion chamber. As the jet fuel and air burn, it produces thrust to propel the jet through the air. This same principle applies to automobiles with a combustion gas engine.

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