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United States Aircraft List (Current and Former Types)

McDonnell Douglas MD; McDonnell-Douglas MD; Mitsubishi Regional Jet (project) Neiva Caraj√°; Piper Chieftain; Piper T; Piper T; Reims-Cessna F Caravan II; Short ; Short ; Sukhoi Superjet Jay Jay Jet Planes Lyrics ; Tupolev Tu; Yakovlev Yak; Saab This list of military aircraft of the United States includes prototype, pre-production, and operational types. For aircraft in service, see the list of active United States military www.- ypes are normally prefixed with "X" and are often unnamed (note that these are not the same as the experimental X-planes, which are not generally expected to go into production), while pre-production. Antonov, Vladimir; Gordon, Yefim; Gordyukov, Nikolai; Yakovlev, Vladimir; Zenkin, Vyacheslav; Carruth, Lenox; Miller, Jay (). OKB Sukhoi: a history of the design bureau and its aircraft (1st ed.). Earl Shilton: Midland Publishing. ISBN

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