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Bevel-up bench-type planes cannot and will never replace the infinite versatility of a #4 Bailey-pattern bench plane and a Bailey-pattern #4 bench smoothing plane is the very best and simplest of all bench planes for any new woodworker. It’s the number one first plane over any other on the market bar none. That’s my opinion but not mine alone. I could never be without a pre ’s Stanley #4 smoother no matter where I was in the world. I can on the other hand live without any of the other makers dating back to the ’s. Now then, let me say this also. I absolutely love bevel-up bench planes. Сопутствующие товары: Упор для рубанка Veritas Bevel Up Jointer Plane, винтовой, 05P Используется совместно с ручными рубанком Veritas Bevel-Up Jointer Plane для получения угла 90° при обработке кромок. Упор оснащен двумя латунными винтами для крепления на боковую сторону колодки рубанка. Для получения других углов необходимо прикрутить к упору планку для создания нужного угла (для чего на упоре имеются отверстия под винты). Материал - анодированный алюминий. Производство - Veitas (Канада). Нож для рубанков Veritas LAJP & BU, 57мм|А2|25°, 05P Нож для рубанка Veritas Low-Angle Jack. But which plane.. the bevel up or bevel down? I was also thinking about adding a small rabbeting plane. I realize the bevel up are less complicated.. no chipbreaker to worry about. lower center of gravity. You can change the bevel of the plane blade very easily (versatility) The mouth is easily adjusted by just turning the knob in front. If I were to purchase a shoulder plane would you purchase a LN or LV I’ve heard that the LN are very well made and some people prefer the Lv shoulder over the LN. What sizes would I need.. 3/4″ 1/2″???  If I followed the Bevel Up Jointer Plane Quiz advice in the book, Hand tool Essentials I'd probably go with a foreplane (but since I have a jointer and planer I can skip the foreplane), #7 jointer, smoother and block plane. Wanda.

Lapped replacement and optional blades in A2, O1 or PM-V11 tool steel are available for our bevel-up jointer, jack and smoother planes. The 25° blade is the best choice for all end-grain work, including shooting. The resulting 37° cutting angle effectively severs end-grain fibers and minimizes tearing. The Veritas low-angle jointer is the largest member of our bevel-up bench plane family. At 22" × 2 7/8" and weighing 7 lb 8 oz, it is ideal for jointing edges and flattening large panels. The body is fully stress-relieved ductile cast iron, with a sole that is flat and square to the sides. Apr 21,  · That’s a must and it’s not hard to achieve and maintain at a show. It’s the same at the workbench for real woodworkers too. In my view the type of edge sharpness I need at the bench for a bevel-up bench plane to work effectively AND efficiently is the same Bevel Up Jointer Plane Github for a bevel-down plane, but if a bevel-up plane is going to go wrong in the grain it often goes very wrong big time.

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