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Apr 27,  · How to Use a Jointer Plane. One of a Jointer Plane Drawing Model few different types of bench planes, a jointer plane is meant for squaring edges and flattening Bevel Up Jointer Plane Github panels. The jointer plane is one of the largest of hand planes, generally reaching between 20” to 30” in length. Longer planes exist, but Hnt Gordon Jointer Plane University they are often mounted on tables and not manually moved back and forth. A No. 7 sized jointer plane (probably the most common size jointer plane used) has a 2 3/8ʺ wide iron, a body that is about 2 3/4ʺ wide, and weighs in the neighborhood of 8 lbs. Trying to balance this tool on a surface that is little more than 1/4 of its width can be a bit of a challenge. Aug 29,  · For the best results, feed the board across the jointer with the bow up so the board rides on its ends, cup facing down, and the grain running downhill from left to right [shown in detail drawing above]. If the grain runs uphill, the cutting motion may follow the grain up into the board until small pieces break off. That’s chip-out.

12" (30 cm) wide jointers are very expensive and heavy to buy, but small 12" thickness planers can be very inexpensive. These plans are for converting one of these small planers into a 12" Jointer that is inexpensive and light.. This jointer is designed to be buildable mostly from parts of an inexpensive 12" thickness planer and wood. Grab the block plane to true a piece too small to run safely over your jointer. Clamp the plane upside down in your vise, and you can plane parts barely large enough to grasp, as shown below. (3) Clamp the block plane upside down in a vise to plane tiny or hard-to-hold pieces. Apr 21,  · And these vintage planes are so readily available that unless you buy a badly abused plane, the fettling is not a major operation. A difference between buying a $ Lie-Nielsen plane and a $ power jointer is that with the Lie-Nielsen you are getting a top of the line precision tool, and the $ jointer is the bottom of the line.

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