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As with other hand planes, jointer planes were originally made with wooden bodies. A Stanley 7 jointer Jointer Planer Combo Machine plane. For more related content, subscribe to our newsletter! Mark the squared-up edge as shown above. Though many of the "fixes" below are hardware related, always start by checking your technique. I just came across a stanley bailey no 5 plane with no stanley logo on lever cap.

Feb 13,  · Jointer Problems, Causes & Fixes Straightening the Using A Jointer Plane Meaning frustrations of a "simple" machine. Text and photos by Tom Hintz. Posted - While many jointer problems are related to technique, there are real mechanical/alignment issues that while less common can be equally frustrating. The plane model number added; smaller planes at the toe, #5 and up on the heel: Type 7: Faithfull No7 Jointer Plane Review Apk Numbers spaced further apart, ‘S’ foundry mark stamped behind frog: Type 8: B’ foundry mark behind frog: Type 9: 2 patent dates behind frog: MAR, AUG, ‘Bailey’ at toe, straight frog rib: Type 2 patent dates behind frog, rib at frog. A jointer, better known as a surface planer, planer, flat top or buzzer is part of a woodworker’s essential equipment that he uses to make a flat surface along the length of a board. It derives its name from its basic function of creating flat edges on boards .

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