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Apr 15,  · A jointer is an important piece of woodworking equipment for woodworkers who want to ensure their building material is free of defects from square one. To that end, these machines are designed to remove all twists, bows, and cups on a piece of wood you wish to use. In many ways, they operate like a motorized hand plane but flipped upside down. Mar 06,  · Naturally, there is a possibility of doing this without using a jointer. It is done through the movement of a hand plane. Through the wood instead of shifting the wood over the machine as you would have to do with a mechanical jointer. Another important fact to appreciate is that you would need to develop a certain skill level for it. Jun 03,  · The primary job of a jointer is just to make one face of the board flat and square. That’s all it Hand Jointer Planer For Sale 404 does. When you buy rough lumber, you get some that are warped and twisted along the length of the lumber. If you put that warped lumber into a thickness planer machine and plane it, .

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