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The combination belt and disc sanders are just that, they are sanders. For a lower price than many other sanders on the market, you will be able to own a very reliable and versatile product. The disc on this combination sander is only five inches in diameter, and it Belt And Disc Sander Diagram App moves at 3, RPM. You will also find that it is another one of the more affordable sander options. Notify me when stock is available.

If there is an issue with your order a member from our customer service team will email or call you ASAP. We appreciate all of your patience, understanding, and business during these trying times. Stay healthy everyone!

Shop by Category. Home Woodworking Machinery Sanders. Add To Cart. Part Number: KCL Stock: 0. Add to Wish List. Heavy or oversized item, shipping will be calculated at checkout. There are three things that are important in selecting the proper machine for your application. Belt Speed 2. Horse Power 3. The ability to apply force.

The combination belt and disc sanders are just that, they are sanders. And one difference between a belt sander and a belt grinder is speed. A "sander" is not well suited for metal applications. Most often the combination unit runs only a few thousand surface feet per minute. A grinder will run upwards of 8, surface feet per minute. Abrasive manufactures like 3M and Norton understand this and are constantly engineering belts that perform to their full potential at the higher S.

There are several factors why the combination units don't operate their belts at the proper speed. For a belt to run at the proper speed for grinding you need to have a motor and spindle speed that will exceed 3, rpm.

If you try to turn a disc at anywhere near this speed, you have created a machine that far exceeds a safe recommended rpm. So the solution is to Harbor Freight Belt And Disc Sander Coupon Time place a rpm or slower motor on the machine to allow the user to safely use the disc.

Doing this makes the belt S. Poor quality construction of the major components of the sanders produces vibration when a Harbor Freight Belt And Disc Sander Review Canada combination unit runs at higher rpm.

Burr King's contact wheels are balance and machined out of heat treated billet aluminum. Most combination units don't even Belt And Disc Sander Cleaner Size offer a contact wheel. The combination units also typically feature a smaller horsepower motor. You already know that horsepower is one of the functions to effectively remove material. Manufactures of combination units often use low quality motors that do not have sufficient horsepower.

These motors are inexpensive and use lesser quality components and produce less torque. For this reason Burr King uses high quality industrial grade motors from manufactures like Baldor and Leeson. Grinding or sanding against a hard platen is great if you need to square an edge, but grinding against a rubber contact wheel, is something Burr King calls the "Velvet Touch.

There are several different contact wheel options that are available for a Burr King grinder, choose a soft wheel for delicate grinding or polishing, or a hard serrated contact wheel that will remove metal quickly producing less heat.

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