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Dual-Wheel CNC Lathe Knurling Tools Work faster by using two knurls at the same time. These tools are specially designed to perform heavy duty knurling applications using a CNC lathe. Knurls . Features Synchronized Knurl Adjustment, Fully Adjustable Knurl Head and Reversible CNC shanks. For 30° and 45° diamond pattern cut knurling on CNC lathes. Knurl head accommodates for diameter adjustment and for centering alignment. Synchronized knurl adjustment insures a perfect tooth form and maximum knurl life on any diameter within its range. It is most commonly used for decorative purposes and for serration surfaces where components are locked or keyed together in unit assemblies. Knurling is obtained by displacement of the material when the knurl is pressed against the surface of a rotating work blank. A knurled tooth is “V” shaped. Knurling tools are used for producing straight, diagonal or diamond patterns, having teeth of uniform pitch on .

Dec 06,  · Could I acquire (i.e. purchase) a knurling tool, and make some adaptation to my wood lathe? I know the answer is to buy a metal lathe, but I am not sure I could justify the purchase. Not to mention, I have no room or any more tools. I should add, the one and only time I used a knurling tool was in metal shop class in Thanks, Carl. The New Heavy Duty version of our original Scissor Type Knurling Tool. Featuring both Standard and Counterbored knurls to accommodate a wide variety of jobs. Knurling pressures are absorbed by the tool not your bed, compound, centers or feed screw. The Knurls are quickly and easily replaced while still in your machine to minimize down time. Quality Tool Steel Spring Action Clamp Type Knurling Tool Capacity mm Holder size: 3/8" x 3/8" x 2 -1/4" Paired with LH & RH diagonal lines to form a Diamond Pattern. Can be clamped in Standard Holder of the Quick change tool post on the lathe. Hardened EN31 Grade Tool Steel Knurls of size - 3/4" x 3/8" x 1/4" bore.

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