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I use my Kreg-Min Pocket Hole Jig quite often but I always forget the settings for different wood thicknesses so I made this little table to look up whenever I'm using my Kreg Mini. There are First you want to adjust the collar on the 2-set drill bit to control the depth of the pocket hole. Kreg Mini Jig Position. Next you want to. OUT OF STOCK TILL END OF JAN DO NOT ORDER UNLESS YOU CAN WAIT THAT LONG This Kreg Jig Settings Chart 3d is a CNC kit which is a derivative of the orginal wooden. Jan 18, - Kreg Jig Drill Bit Collar Position Kreg Jig Drill Bit Broke Wear Chart Photo by RokJok | Photobucket #WoodworkingTips. Ask A Question. What is your Building Skill Level? Most pocket-hole screws come with an oversized washer head for increased contact with the pocket shoulder, but you can also get screws with a smaller pan head for use with shallow pockets where a washer head would protrude above the workpiece surface. You are connected as. Don't forget the glue. Updating Results. Michael, Hard to say.

Create compact pocket holes with Series and Series Pocket-Hole Jigs The Easy-Set Micro-Pocketâ„¢ Drill Bit with Stop Collar & Material Thickness Gauge is designed for use with the Micro-Pocketâ„¢ Drill Guide Kit (KPHA and KPHA) to create 25% smaller pocket holes using Series and Series Kreg Easy Set Pocket Hole Drill Bit Group Pocket-Hole Jigs. For product FAQs, click - : Kreg Tool. Oct 5, - Kreg Jig drill bit collar position chart Photo: This chart shows Kreg Jig drill bit collar settings for various screw lengths and material thicknesses. This kit includes the same Easy-Set stop Collar and material thickness gauge/hex wrench that come with Kreg series pocket-hole jigs. The collar features a window that aligns with the engraved markings on the kreg Easy-Set pocket-hole drill bit to make setting Kreg Jig Drill Bit Collar Position Chart Unity the bit at the correct depth easy for 1/2", 3/4", and 1 1/2" - s:

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