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Pocket-Hole Jigs ®. Kreg Joining Solutions make it easier than you've ever imagined to turn your DIY and woodworking dreams into reality by creating rock-solid assemblies and long-lasting repairs. Kreg Zinc Screws Kreg Pocket Tools are a good choice for a wide variety of indoor projects with limited exposure to the elements. Zinc screws provide adequate rust protection, and serve as an affordable alternative to our more protective Blue-Kote™ and stainless screw varieties. Available in a variety of sizes, thread options, head styles, and quantities. Use our Screw Selector to select the right screw type 5/5(22). Jan 21,  · Drill pocket holes in the ends of all the rails. Your Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig offers easy hole-spacing options based on the width of your rails. You’ll find a handy guide in the owners manual–which you can even access online. 3. Assemble the rails and stiles using Kreg Pocket-Hole Screws.

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