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Reset Kreg Pocket Hole Jig Total Tools Google Reset Filters. Category. Category. Pocket-Hole Joinery Refine by Category: Pocket-Hole Joinery. Commercial Machines selected Currently Refined by Category: Commercial Machines. Type. Type. Face-Framing Table Refine by Type: Face-Framing Table. Pocket-Hole Machines Refine by Type: Pocket . We strongly recommend using Kreg® Pocket-Hole Screws, which are designed specifically for pocket-hole joinery. Kreg Screws include many special features for this Kreg Pocket Screw Tool 90 application, such as a self-tapping tip that “drills” its Kreg Tools Pocket Hole Jig Effect own hole, so the screw drives in quickly and easily without splitting the wood and Kreg Tools Pocket Hole Model without requiring a pilot hole in the mating workpiece. Jul 14,  · When you’re using a Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig, proper setup is important to success. Thankfully, it’s also very easy. Once you know the thickness of your material, there are really just three simple steps to get your Pocket-Hole Jig K4 ready to create pocket holes.

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