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Page 1 Twelve Bandsaw Manual LAGUNA TOOLS Murphy Ave. Irvine, California Part No. MBAND Ph: © Laguna Tools, Inc. All rights reserved. www.-   As the machine is supplied with Laguna ceramic guides, this is not imperative because the ceramic will round the back of the blade as it is used. Page 43 Causes of Blade Breakage 1. Excessive blade thickness in relation to the flywheel diameter. 2. Defective welding. View online Manual for laguna Twelve Saw or simply click Download button to examine the laguna Twelve guidelines offline on your desktop or laptop computer.  Download Manual of laguna Twelve Saw for Free or View it Online on www.- Brand: laguna. Category: Saw. Type: Manual for laguna Twelve. Pages: Download laguna Twelve Manual. 1. 2. The 14/Twelve, the company’s first volt bandsaw, offers the features Laguna has been known for—powerful motors, ceramic blade guides, easy and precise adjustments—at a price comparable to other 14" resaw machines. With a motor strong enough to power through oak and ash at the full resaw capacity of 12", this saw impressed me by never wavering more than 1/64" during those cuts. The ceramic blade guides adjust easily without tools and held all blades on course, even when cutting tight curves. The rack-and-pinion blade-guide post held solidly without flex. Its rip fence adjus. Accessibility Options. Packaging was first rate along with fit and finish. I have the mobile base attachment also, and it works as expected. After set up was completed, this thing works like laguna 14 twelve guide charm! One problem area, which was mentioned by other reviewers, is the adequacy of the owner's manual.

With the thin blade, I was able to make some very nice band saw boxes. I could not be more pleased with the bandsaw. The light attachment is a great addition.

I have the mobile base attachment also, and it works as expected. I bought this saw after agonizing over the other 14" saws out there. This replaced an ancient Craftsman 12" saw. Holy Cow! I should have done this years ago. I haven't used it to it's capacity yet, but this thing sure liked to resaw! Had a minor issue with one of the ceramic guides not fully seated. Called Laguna, and they advise to heat it up and push it in. Worked like a charm.

Now it's tuned, and oh my, does it resaw. I purchased this band saw less than 2 years ago. First thing I noticed was what I thought there to be too much vibration. There is no reason for one of these saws not to run smooth. Second the ceramic guides are a poor design. They spark and tend to come out of their grooves while sawing and ruin the blade. Adjustments don't help. I have given up on the guides and will replace them with roller guides.

Third, the blade doesn't stop quickly when the stop button is pressed. I find this dangerous and should be required on all saws.

Fourth, there isn't enough hp. I would recommend shopping around before purchasing this saw. Factor in after market upgrades in your budget if you buy this saw. I would return it if I could. I got mine from Woodcroft in Orlando. Really great guys to deal with. I drove up to see the saw although I had read a lot about it I did not want to purchase it sight unseen.

As luck would have it out of stock but within seven days I had one delivered. Packaging was first rate along with fit and finish. The manual leaves something to be desired but Laguna makes up for it with their set up video on their website.

Really top-notch. The blade drift was not as easy to adjust as I would have hoped but I do have it finally dial them.

Plus, as noted in other reviews on different forums the bottom door gets caught up on the washer that is attached to the mobile base. Not a big deal but certainly an annoyance. Overall I'm really pleased with the saw. The resaw king blade is a joy to work with and over all the saw is such an improvement over my year-old 14 inch Delta. I have had my saw for about a month now and have used it a lot. The set up was very easy to do alone and everything fit perfect.

Tables lined up with no problems, fence was square. I have seen other reviews and some complained about fit and finish, mine was great. It is a smooth running and quiet saw with plenty of power. Have bot used it much yet. Overall, excellent cut quality compared to the Ridgid big box store this replaces. Not bad to set up IMHO. Easily did alone. The few cuts made so far a straight and true. THe one issue is the blade tracking.

Sent email to customer servicce at laguna, waiting for the response. The bade is centered on the top wheel, offset to the front on the bottom. The blade runs back to front going top to bottom. This means the top guide when properly set up when the guide is down, pushes the blade forward when raised.

So the top guide needs to be repositioned if ever moved vertically. Not a huge deal, but I'm sure I will not always remember this. This is the best bandsaw on the market for the money period. I do my homework before I purchase anything. I have used this saw for a while now and I can attest to solid performance.

I have made several angle cuts with this machine and its well thought out design. When I set up the saw It took me and my brother 5 hours to set it up including mobility kit and light kit. We took our time with the well laid out instructions with pics were a plus. The first time I put a blade in it was kind of scary but I have since purchased an additional blade for intricate work and I can replace one in under 5 minutes.

If you are buying a saw for the name get a Powermatic If you want a saw that is Quiet and smooth get the Laguna twelve. I will take a look at Laguna products from now on when purchasing any major shop machines.

The guys at the Indy Woodcraft always celebrate with you when you drive away with any new machine. They spent hours over several visits on this purchase. Thanks for all the knowledge. Ok my last review I had just completed the assembly and not had the opportunity to cut anything.

Since then, I have used the saw numerous times and so far has cut everything I've tried without bogging down. My test cut was a piece of black walnut about 7" square, 2 ft long. Knots and all sliced right through it as fast as I could send it through. Not that I make all my cuts this was I wanted to see what the saw was capable of. I could not believe How nice the cut was or how powerful the saw is.

I guess I owe a shout out to the blade too. I'm sure the teaming the saw with the re-saw king carbide tooth blade is the paring for the saw. This is an awesome machine and my buddies at Woodcraft couldn't have been any better. Thanks guys! The overall bandsaw is fantastic the only issue which is very minor is the set up and the blade takes a while to slow down after each cut.

Fabulous band saw. I think the pros have all been mentioned. I found assembly to be pretty straight forward and honestly only referenced the instructions for the wheel base I bought for it.

One thing worth mentioning is Woodcraft's phenomenal customer service. My first band saw was damaged by the shipping company and Woodcraft had a replacement ready to go out the door in short order.

Even with a back order, I got the new saw within a week. Thank you Woodcraft for amazing customer service. After having researched the various 14" bandsaws in this price range, and after seeing the positive reviews, I decided on the Laguna as my first bandsaw. I will primarily be using the bandsaw for resawing. I just completed assembly and adjustment of the machine, and I am very pleased with the overall design and workmanship.

Additionally, I am pleased with the customer service. When unpacking the machine, I found that one small part was missing. I called Laguna customer service and a few days later the part arrived in the mail. One problem area, which was mentioned by other reviewers, is the adequacy of the owner's manual.

However, I found a video on the Laguna website in which they demonstrate the complete process of unpacking, assembly and setup of the bandsaw. That video answered all of my questions. I also purchased the optional mobility kit, light and resaw king blade.

I have a small shop, so the mobility kit was essential. The mobility kit mechanisms work very well. While the light seems to be of good quality, the location is such that I have bumped by head on it a few times. The resaw king blade seems to cut very well, although I have only made a few cuts with it up to now.

Overall, I am pleased with my purchase and consider this bandsaw an excellent addition to my shop. Well I just finished assembly of the saw and I have to say some of the other reviews were dead on about the instructions, being a little vague.

I haven't installed the blade re-saw king and run the machine yet, so for now this is all I have to offer. More will follow but so far I'm very pleased. I can't wait to see how it slices through my project woods.

I use this saw to resaw just about every type of wood you can imagine. The saw itself never shows any hit of struggle or slowing down. Considering I resaw some of the hardest woods you can find it's great. In part you have to give Timber Wolf blades some credit but the band saw itself unlike my older saw just keeps cutting. This is impressive also considering I run it off v not v which the saw is also capable of.

The additional features this saw has are also great, the fence is pretty good and the ease of blade changing is also amazing. I had an entry level band saw Rigid and was largely ignorant about band-saws when I purchased it.

I only knew you could spend as much or as little as you want on them. I also found out you get what you pay for. I could not re-saw with it, and that was what I wanted to use it for.

I did a lot of research on this saw before I purchased it. It is heavy, and was difficult to assemble and set up by myself. Some people said it took them two hours to set it up. I wanted to do it right the first time and it took me two days about four hours each day to set it up. The mobile base and ceramic blade guides were both difficult, frustrating, and time consuming.

Having your own metric tools is also a great help. I did not purchase the light kit as I believed it to be in the way, as did many other reviewers who had purchased the light kit. I purchased a good re-saw blade for it, but not the re-saw King by Laguna because it was so expensive.

Ok, now the good news. The very first thing I did with it was re-saw a piece of aromatic cedar. I absolutely loved it. All of my frustrations disappeared. The fence works beautifully and the results were quite gratifying.

Afterwards, the piece could use a little sanding or planning to smooth it completely, but overall, I loved it. Make more than one, everyone you know will want a spatula. I like to build arts and crafts style furniture, and many pieces have a gentle curve that graces the lower stretcher. Read More Bandsaw Circle Cutting Jig Most woodworkers find the need to cut circles at some point, and there are multiple ways to accomplish the task. Read More View More Blogs.

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