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Mechanism seems to fall apart when the wheel is loosened, and only is correctly by tightening it very tightly. Sign In Sign Up. For bigger resaw runs Bandsae use the Resaw King from Laguna. Does the motor run on the V? Depending on job requirements, you can adjust the motor with a two-speed transmission.

Good review. I think the knobs will be fine, today's plastics or resins are much stronger. Are you saying that both sides of the base are solid plates? I have a Jet with the inclosed base. It has a door but I don't use it for storage, it's just too low. I was surprised at the price with it being a Laguna. That seems like a lot of quality for the price. Agreed, but remember it is a 1.

As I understand it, this is Laguna's first foray into the V world with it's bandsaws and I believe that they have a winner. I believe that the price is appropriate based upon the quality of the saw. I'm very interested in one of these saws. Last month, I went to see a used band saw near in my Laguna 1412 Bandsaw Blades Review place, it's an old Laguna 14" band saw, didn't take it, the table is not even.

I know I can just have it fix but I don' wanna spend another buck. This is a good review! Thanks for posting. One thing though, and I believe you mentioned this in your review. Is there a way to square the fence to the table? For example, the Rikon has a way to adjust the rails to make the fence square, but this Laguna doesn't appear to have any such thing. It sounds like you had to use electrical tape.

Where did you put this? Just a strip over the metal slide for the aluminum channel? Just got my yesterday and have the same issue with the fence. Gonna give the electrical tape idea a shot. Thanks for the tip! In case you're still hanging around these parts, how is the saw treating you a year on? Still liking your Laguna?

You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. This is a cheaper bandsaw. It has a volt with a 3. The top speed is feet per minute, and the low speed is feet per minute. The blade length is 72 inches. It comes with a heavy-duty stand. I recommend it for anybody who needs a small bandsaw that can do almost big bandsaw work.

Depending on job requirements, you can adjust the motor with a two-speed transmission. For easier cleaning, it has a 3-in-1 dust port. This WEN model can make bevel cuts from 0 to 45 degrees. The work table is heavy-duty, and it has a safety blade guard. For better straight cuts, it has a reversible fence. Some cons include adjustment complications and unreliability. The gray and black design gives somewhat of a space-age look to the device, making it stand out within any workstation.

This band saw is also CSA certified and includes a one-touch power switch within the safety key and a pre-wired light outlet. With a steel frame making up the body, the Laguna band saw is one of the best tools on case iron wheels. During our tests, we cut oak and pine without any problems. We also used it for heavy cross-cutting, saw through paces, and plenty of hardwood resawing.

To get the most out of this unit, you can watch the video below from Alex Snodgrass. He shows you how to adjust it and set it up. W has a lot of features. Tensioning, blade tracking, and adjusting the guide is effortless.

When it comes to disadvantages, some users reported that they had to replace some bearings from a wheel. The throat measurement is the distance from the frame of the saw to the blade, and it determines the maximum width of material that can be cut. In other words, the bigger the throat measurement — the wider the board. But does that make them better suited for a home workshop?

If you are looking for a powerful machine that is practical and well-suited for personal use, a inch bandsaw is probably the best choice. Although it is a bit smaller, a inch saw will do pretty much everything that a dedicated handyman needs to be done. This gives you flexibility should you need to move your band saw without too much hassle. On the whole, 14 is an excellent option for your home workshop and your personal cutting needs.

The difference between an open and a closed base is that the latter tends to keep dust away, clearing the space around the motor.

I have V power available in my shop, but once I wire an outlet for a V tool I feel that it is locked into that location. The V option allows me to move it around the shop easily. With a 14 amp motor there is plenty of electrical headroom to run this saw on my 20 amp circuits. Resaw simplicity. As high as my expectations were for this saw, it has exceeded what I had hoped for on the resaw front. The cut quality was astounding. I measured. I was impressed with the performance as well, as the motor indicated no sign of strain through a fairly aggressive feed rate.

Remarkable Power. I figured that would be the compromise, and the reason why many people with similar requirements to mine buy more powerful V band saws.

I was on Cloud Nine when the saw completed this task without breaking a sweat. And no indication of strain during the cut? Resaw results. That exceeded my expectations. Excels at curved cuts, too. In addition to solid resaw performance, the also works well at cutting curves, as the Laguna Guides steer the blade and minimize deflection while the work piece is steered through the cut. The project in the picture is a cutting board that I like to make by stacking two boards and cutting the pattern on a band saw.

When building this design on other band saws I used to perform an additional step, where I would have to sweeten up the joints using a router with a template and guide to eliminate the gaps left where the blade would flex as it changed direction in the cut.

Using the I can go directly from the saw to the glue-up table because the guides hold the blade so solidly that there is virtually no blade deflection when the work piece changes direction during the cut. This was an unexpected bonus with the Quick blade change. The blade change process is quick and painless on the , due to the quick release lever, the nicely designed magnetic release blade guard and the easily accessible blade path.

Quality components throughout. When I first heard about the Laguna Band Saw, and the low price point, I was concerned that I would find some compromises on quality upon close inspection, but this has simply not been the case. A large surface like this on a band saw is a nice luxury as it provides enhanced stability when cutting larger pieces. I love this fence. Kudos to Laguna for incorporating fence features from their higher end band saws into the The design is simple and ingenious, allowing the fence to be positioned upright for resawing, or switched in seconds to a low profile orientation for ripping operations.

One downside; I would prefer if the fence could be slipped on and off the saw a bit more easily, but it only takes about 10 seconds to perform the necessary partial disassembly so I guess I can live with that. This underappreciated design element on a band saw is often overlooked, but I believe that this is a critical component.

These are beefy and refined, which helps absorb vibration and minimize flexing during the cut. The table tilt mechanism is controlled with convenient lever action releases that engage solidly to whatever angle is selected.

The beefy frame is heavy gauge welded steel for serious rigidity compared to cast iron which tends to flex under stress. This is key for reliable, hassle-free resawing, as the frame absorbs much of the stress from blade tensioning. Cast iron wheels. Big band saws perform better with cast iron wheels to provide stability and to power through heavy resaw cuts.

These wheels are well made and nicely balanced. Laguna did not take any shortcuts in the wheel department. Laguna guides. These upper and lower guides control the blade at 10 points using a ceramic surface. The brilliance of this design is in its simplicity.

No moving parts, no maintenance required, just solid support to keep the blade cool while preventing it from wandering under pressure. Dust collection. Resawing produces a huge volume of fine dust and it is important to corral it for health and nuisance reasons. But the dust collection results that I experienced during my tests were quite good.

During one resaw test cut I forgot to turn on my dust collector before starting the cut and I immediately figured it out after cutting into the plank, as a cloud of dust appeared directly in front of my face. That gave me a good indication that the dust collection as designed is actually accomplishing its intended task pretty well. Quick-release blade tension lever. This is a not only a great convenience for de-tensioning the blade at the end of a shop session, but also speeds up the blade changing process.

The mechanism engages solidly in either position, and there is enough travel in the action that blades can be slid on and off the wheels with ease when the blade is de-tensioned.

The rack and pinion system used to raise and lower the blade guard is extremely smooth, and I am equally impressed with how rigid the this mechanism remains even when fully extended. This is one of the key attributes for maintaining good cut quality.

Halogen work light option. It is a thoughtful feature, and if you are over 40 or ever hope to be , you will really appreciate having the task lighting readily available. Whenever I do band saw work that requires any accuracy at all, I set up a portable task light, so it will be a nice convenience to have one attached.

Plus, like everything else on this saw, it looks cool. As I continue to use the saw I will provide updates if I experience any problems with the motor or anything else related to the saw. I encountered some minor hiccups during the setup of the that I could have worked through on my own, but when I am writing a story on a stationary tool I like to get some exposure to the customer service for the company. I called in and was immediately transferred to a technician who spent a half hour on the phone with me, not only answering my questions but taking the time to explain some additional tips for band saw work.

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