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Laguna Tools LT14 x 14 SUV Bandsaw review + price + specs Cut with the power and accuracy of a table saw with Laguna Tools LT14 SUV Bandsaw LT14 SUV Bandsaw Who said that you cannot improve on perfection Our award winning bandsaw product line offers the largest resaw heights found on any bandsaw worldwide Our legendary bandsaws come equipped with American. Made Baldor Laguna Tools Woodworking Bandsaw Setup LT14 SE Part 1 FREE Laguna Tools Literature DVD Video Request Want to hear about more new products coming up 30 december january AmericanWoodworker com Tool Talk The Laguna LT14 Ban. Laguna LT14 SUV Band Saw. This machine is used primarily for resawing and normally has a 3/4" or 1" blade installed. When cutting logs, the log must have a true, flat surface to rest on the bandsaw's table or be securely attached to a sled or fixture to ensure stability. The log, Laguna Tools MBAND 14 SUV Bandsaw - Power Band Saws www.- This item: Laguna Tools MBAND 14 SUV Bandsaw $2, Ships from and sold by CT Power Tools. Laguna Tools RK 1” x ” Resaw King Carbide Tipped Bandsaw. Home/Laguna, Power Tools, Saws, Band Saws/Laguna Tools MBAND 14 SUV Bandsaw. Laguna Tools MBAND 14 SUV Bandsaw. $2, The LT14SUV is widely recognized as the best 14″ bandsaw ever designed. From its industrial frame & Heavy duty castings, to the precision tension mechanism & famous ceramic laguna guides the saw permeates ruggedness. Motor: 3HP Leeson | Volt: 1 phase | 30 Amp. Blade Length: ″. Resaw Capacity: 14″ | Throat: 13 1/4″. Foot-brake w/ Micro Switch | Rack & Pinion Upper Guide. Rack & Pinion Table Tilt | Quick Release Laguna Lt14 Suv Bandsaw Review It Tension | Laguna Guides. Lag. Had I had to handsaw up the initial several thousand dollars, I am sure I would have been extremely irritated. I called Kevin at Canadian Woodworker and described the problem. Wally is a current customer and you are an ex-employee? Fast forward five months when I had some serious milling and resawing to do. Every machine is tested and the test board sent with the laguna suv bandsaw review 04. I went back to look at the Laguna bandsaws and got talking to Benjamin Helshoj or Benny as his peers call him whom I had met at the Cloverdale Woodworking Show laguna suv bandsaw review 04 month reviee. They also mentioned that they could not cut a circle when the machine arrived.

California-based Laguna Tools has been a hot-button topic in woodworking forums for as long as I can remember. Along with rave reviews of their bandsaws, there have also been many comments about poor customer service. Like many, I was impressed with their saws. However, the virtually non-existent customer service that I kept reading about was enough to discourage me from considering buying one of their saws.

I received some literature and a video to review. He admitted that at one point they had some staffing problems but assured me it was in the past. In the end, I bought my sliding table saw from Grizzly Industrial Inc. A new woodworking tool store opening within an hour of my house? I had to go. Inside the store I walked up and down the aisles of machinery checking out the great selection of high-end machinery not found in most other local stores.

I recognized co-owner Cole Moore and wandered over to introduce myself we are both active on the Canadian Woodworking forum. He admitted that getting parts from Laguna can sometimes take a while but promised to take care of any issues I might have. I went back to look at the Laguna bandsaws and got talking to Benjamin Helshoj or Benny as his peers call him whom I had met at the Cloverdale Woodworking Show the month before.

I asked him how the Laguna saws compared to other brands such as Grizzly. He commented on how lightly constructed the Grizzly saws are when compared to his.

Later, I left the store empty-handed but with much to ponder. Fast forward five months when I had some serious milling and resawing to do. After much research and deliberation I decided on the Laguna LT I will post a review of the saw later. Monday morning I picked up the saw and transported it home.

With the help of my friend, Mike, we carefully unloaded the saw into my garage; moving it down to the shop would have to wait for a dry day. We unpacked the saw and cleaned off most of the cosmoline. I called Kevin at Canadian Woodworker and described the problem.

I took this picture and e-mailed it to him. About ten minutes later, Kevin called me and told me that Benny was upset that it had made it past quality control and the service tech thought that it was just powder coating that could be removed with grit emery paper. Despite my misgivings, I took some grit emery paper to the trunnion support. It was clearly not just powder coating and indeed only partially machined. I called Canadian Woodworker and ended up talking to Doug, the manager, as Kevin was on the road for a couple of days.

Doug agreed to let me swap out my trunnion with the one from the display model. The next day, I drove out to Canadian Woodworker and swapped the trunnion support.

I pointed this out to Doug before I left and asked him to order another for me. Then I returned to my shop and installed the parts on my saw as I guessed the replacement trunnion support would take at least a week or two to arrive. I set it on the tires and tensioned and tracked the blade.

Then I noticed this: the blade barely cleared a metal flange next to the dust chute. And I mean barely. You could not slip a piece of note paper between the blade and chute. Not good. I decided to try calling Laguna Tools on their toll-free number.

It was late in the afternoon and I immediately got through to Tim. He understood my problem and put me on hold to try to figure out a solution. I patiently waited for several minutes before he came back on the line.

Ultimately, Tim offered to check with the technical support staff tomorrow morning and call me back then. I talked with him for another few minutes, asking him some more general bandsaw questions and talking about my experience so far. He sounded like an experienced bandsaw user, listened to my comments and answered other questions to my satisfaction. Thursday morning I answered my phone, expecting to hear Tim from Laguna Tools on the other end.

To my surprise, it was Kevin from Canadian Woodworker. He explained that he and Doug had removed the trunnion support from another saw that appeared well-machined and he wanted to come and swap it out for me.

I was grateful for his offer but told him that I was waiting for a call from Laguna as well and asked him to hold off until I had heard from Tim. About little later, I received a phone call from Brian at Laguna Tools.

Apparently, a batch of saws had arrived with that piece protruding too far. We talked on the phone for a bit longer and he talked me through the issues I was experiencing with the saw and patiently answered all my questions.

After my conversation with Brian, I called Kevin and asked if he could come over to swap out the trunnion support. I asked Kevin to bring a replacement.

When he arrived, he helped me remove the table and replace the trunnion support. Otherwise, I would have had to spend my mornings sitting on the curb waiting for the mailman to arrive with parts and it would have taken longer to get the saw fully operational. The customer service I received from both Laguna Tools and Canadian Woodworker was prompt, helpful, friendly, and courteous.

I felt like they were there to help me. Has Laguna listened to customer feedback and put their questionable customer service issues behind them? At least for now. It still give me pause that you had that many things anything really wrong with a tool that is priced that far above the competition.

I helped him put it together, and everything went smoothly with no parts modifications necessary. Maybe my standards are really high, but I still expect more precise machining on tools.

Things like perfectly flush insert plates in the table top should be a primary goal of any tool manufacturer, and anything else affecting the wood machining precision. This saw, coupled with the Resaw King blade and DriftMaster fence make resawing an absolute breeze. If you are only looking for a saw to cut joinery and curves, this 3 hp saw is overkill.

My friend Mike was really happy with his until I got mine kidding about that last part. I think that I made a good decision to buy the saw locally through Canadian Woodworker. Buyer beware. I purchased the Laguna 10 inch dovetail table saw. The elevation function is finiky at best. It has to be cleaned on a very regular basis.

THE California people are off No use what so ever. Lots of competition that will do right by you. This thread was started almost a decade ago and has ZERO relevance as to where Laguna and many other tool companies are today. Just my opinion. Thanks for the post Chris. You certainly should not have to go through this sort of thing with a so called high end item.

You were not the first to experience this. I was disappointed to have to deal with the issues. Does it really make a difference?

When I described the problem with the metal flange next to the dust chute to Brian at Laguna, he told me that a batch had arrived like that and I should just to file it down. Having worked directly at Laguna Tools I can tell you with utmost certainty, the people at Laguna simply are not qualified to conduct business in this country or anywhere else.

They have no clue about what customer service is, and the owners are of the mind that yes, YOU the customer…should fix little things like welded parts of machines out of place or any number of issues.

That IS the way Laguna does business. Wally is a current customer and you are an ex-employee? Laguna tools uses what is called reputation management techniques where they or some 3rd party post favorable comments which are purposely designed to appear online above any negative post.

The most posts win a high ranking. Its utter bull shit and so are all the people that work at Laguna Tools. Its the very same core group that have been there forever. Its the same losers that have been there for many years and the Helshoj family. Buy your woodworking machinery elsewhere. Much of the machines the public thinks is made by Laguna is not.

It is Chinese just like some you see at Grizzly. Only you get real service at Grizzly. Laguna has a deceitful company platform and absolutely incredulous group of employees that whine and piss and moan whenever one of their customers has the gall to complain about a defective piece of shit.

It really is like that. Trust me…buy elsewhere! All the positive post you see anywhere online are coaxed, polished and downright fake! My bandsaw from them could never start. The first two replacement switch parts were clearly defective, discovered after an hour total of installing.

The new pieces were worst than the initial defective ones which I had to put back so that they could run diagnostics Laguna Bandsaw Review Uk List on the entire electrical system, via phone calls.

I left my job physician for a total of 6 hours so they could talk me thru electrical diagnostics, over 6 weeks, parts coming and going and wrong parts sent. I offered to buy the piece at cost and do my own wiring and starter switch without the fancy power cutoff gizmos and they refuse to tell me the cost price — they now give me a new blade which is only useful if i one day repair or replace their crap.

Even if i get their crap running — doubt if I have patience when any of their fussy, complex mechanical stuff fails. Back to basics. At the last Cloverdale Woodworking show I looked at all the bandsaws and decided that when I made the financial comittment it would be with Laguna, I would be buying my first and last bandsaw. I probably would not have recognized the blade clearance issue and blown up my Resaw King that would be my buying decision too.

After the second blade broke, maybe someone would figure out there was a problem. I imagine it taking me months to actually get the tool to perform as designed.

With these kind of problems in mind, does this indicate I should buy a General because I have a KMS 45min from my shop? I would be interested to hear the response from Laguna to these questions. If the tool IS ready to use out of the box, great — but I will still check it over so that I know it is ready.

I allow a few days to set up new machinery. However, if parts need to be shipped, the timeline suddenly stretches to a week or more. In your case, you might consider making the 5-hour drive to your nearest Laguna dealer and spending a couple hours thoroughly inspecting the actual saw you would be buying.

For thirty years I have been telling fellow woodworkers that every tool is just a kit. My best tools are Laguna. After a wonderful visit with them in Irvine, I came to understand the root of their customer challenges. Company dynamics aside, problems still lie on both sides of the customer-supplier relationship in this market.

But the customer is always right. We have a presumptive expectation. I cautiously submit a hard-to-defend concept: if you buy a Mustang GT, you have higher reliability expectations than if you buy a Lamborghini for 5 times more money. Should that be? Part of the pride of ownership of my Knapp combo machine is that I can actually make it work!

I was pleased to find your site and very impressed with your projects. Great job, Chris! I have had the Laguna Fusion Table saw for 3 months. Finally figured out the fence because it came half assembled wrong.

With no directions. Now am trying to figure out how to set the stops. If all tools are kits, then they should come with decent directions. Where are these directions you speak of?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I purchased a Luguna Bandsaw. It for some reason runs backwards. Has any one had this issue and been able to correct this. It is a single phase I also have a variable speed control.. I need help. Have a qualified licensed electrician connect the saw for you….. Then, all will be right with the world. Good review. Experiences like yours were the reason that I bought an Agazzani B from Eagle tools.

The price difference was minimal at the time and the saw came assembled, clean aligned and ready to work. Have had not a lick of trouble. I have had problem with Laguna on troubleshooting almost everytime I have tried to use them. I tried getting a new capacitor after ten years of use… they could not find the replacement… said they would call me back… did not call me back… Bought Carbide Rewsaw blades and they sent me some cheap blades -not carbide blades… took a letter in writing to the pres.

Asked them about the new 4. I am driving down to their actual Irvine center tomorrow to try and find someone who should know all this stuff. Will post and update. June 21, Los Angeles. Sorry to hear of your difficulties. While on the phone with one of the Laguna staff, I asked a couple questions about the motor, amperage draw and recommended breaker sizes and I got good answers immediately.

The spec sheet shows the Grizzly GX2B weighs lbs, not the like you posted. The GX2B weighs lbs. Either way, the Laguna 14 SUV is quite the heavy machine. The Grizzly seems to be more saw for less money. Both are made in the same region of the world and I would suspect they are of similar quality. Thank you for the correction. It is now correct. One thing I really like about the Laguna is the guide system.

You can buy the guides separately though. Thanks for your interesting summary of having dealt with the Laguna dealers here in BC. Sounds like good service, if you live nearby.

When I spend good dollars on a piece of equipment I feel I should not have to seek service for possibly several years, not right after I purchase it. Even though my helper and I dropped the saw as we were struggling to unload it off my truck read the manual after we dropped it and discovered it weighs lbs it has never missed a beat.

I expect no problems when I purchase a new piece of equipment and so was surprised to read about your experiences with what I believed to be a higher end product. Thanks again for sharing your experience with Laguna products regards Richard.

I actually won it in a contest back in As for the build, it is an excellent saw. It also features a table with a rack-and-pinion gear and gas strut for smooth, easy tilting; two 4" dust ports for the best dust collection; and a foot brake with power disconnect to quickly stop the blade.

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