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California drove another business out. Laguna Tools is moving to Texas. They are selling off all kinds of tools so they don't have to move them. At home I KNOW that the saw won't mess up my wood. The Laguna Tool band saw at school is just underwhelming. Use the right tool for the job. This date will be updated regularly and we expect continued backlogs for several months on this item and other power tools given current Covid related trends. Look Inside Federatedtool. All prices listed are in Canadian dollars. We are open for online orders. Call us! Home Brands Laguna Tools. Email Submit. Whether you do it as a hobby or as a professional, woodworking demands precision, time, and energy.

Apr 17,  · Within the industry, customer service at Laguna Tools does not have an unblemished reputation. I've had sales people from competitors warn about the lack of customer service at Laguna Tools. As a user of a large Laguna Tool band saw (Dedicated to re-saw operations) at school, it is my preference to go home, put the re-saw blade on my Grizzly We Provide Unmatched Customer Service! Expert Customer Service. 90 Days Deferred Payments. Efficient & Precise. Save on Material Costs. Mar 20,  · I am just curious on the general consensus of what everyone thinks about Laguna tools. Whenever I read about people asking for advice about buying new tools (table saws, band saws,etc.) I always hear about Jet, Rikon,Grizzly,etc but I don't believe I've ever heard Laguna .

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