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LATHE DUPLICATOR- SETUP AND FEATURES The lathe duplicator mounts on the Mark V Models and (Figure ). To set up the lathe duplicator follow the instructions in the Owners Manual that came with the duplicator. Some of the important features and capacities of your lathe du-plicator are  Maximum depth of cut /4" for duplication (up to /4" for light freehand cuts inside bowls) Template specifications 36" maximum length 3/8" maximum thickness 1/4" minimum thickness (smaller templates only) CRITICAL LATHE DUPLICATOR ALIGNMENTS Proper alignment is important for all power tools, but Wood Lathe Duplicator For Sale 5g accuracy is especially important with the lathe duplicator. This Lathe Duplicator attaches easily to almost any floor-model lathe, and the handwheel allows for smooth operation while cutting. Features: Will duplicate to a maximum length of 39" (depending on the lathe used).  The Duplicator is very streamlined compared to a couple other brands I looked at. The Duplicator was very hefty, 44 lbs, very easy to install.  I used this attachment on my metal lathe to cut spindles that were 4 inch dia. 36 inches long. Had to figure out how to attach it to a lodge and Shipling lathe. Once I did that it worked great. However, turn your work down round before you use the duplicator. I had to put all the Used Wood Turning Lathe For Sale 33 metal stuff back on, turn them all down round then put the attachment on and duplicate. Turned about 20 spindles, treated wood knots too. User s Manual Mini/Midi Lathe Duplicator Attachments CML-DUPMAX Mounted on a Commander lathe CML-DUP Mounted Carba-Tec Mini Lathe CML-DUPJ Compatible with jet & Delta Mini Lathe 00 PSI Woodworking Products. Otherwise I can ship. Be sure to bring the help, manpower, boxes, carts and vehicles needed to move your items. North American Warehouses. Vega Midi 10 Lathe Ruplicator with extras. Buyer pays actual shipping cost.

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North American Warehouses. Vega wood lathe duplicator manual build 50 wood finish wood clock kits Used vega wood lathe duplicator small wooden bookshelf plans diy planter box built in bookcase ideas. Download Now!! Vega wood lathe duplicator for sale. Vega duplicator wood lathe demonstration. Wood cooking Workbenches one man made xv turnings atomic number 49 foursome old age with his Vega Duplicator This duplicator is easy When ordering please state the make and model of your lathe size.

Used vega wood lathe duplicator.

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