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Рекомендуем к покупке премиум ручной столярный инструмент Robert Sorby (Робер Сорби) из Англии: в наличии новинки, Хиты - выбор Мастеров!  Сортировать по: По убыванию цены По возрастанию цены Новинки сверху По алфавиту: от А до Я По наличию: есть - нет Сначала новые. Артикул: RS FR. Долото плотницкое сверхмощное Robert Sorby 16 мм длина лезвия мм FR М 8 рублей. Оставить отзыв первым. Robert Sorby is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of specialist woodworking tools, with a proud heritage dating back more than years. During that time Robert Sorby has developed a global reputation for manufacturing some of the finest edge tools available. Robert Sorby Parting Tools include a standard parting tool or a diamond parting tool.  Robert Sorby Parting Tools. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Grouped product items. Product. Price. Qty. 1/8" Robert Sorby #H Standard Parting Tool Item # In stock.  Recommended by fellow woodworker, haven’t got me lathe set up yet. Looks to be great tool. Woodworking Experience. Intermediate. Purchased on Feb 25, Was this helpful? 0.

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Also, do not use all caps nor all lower case. JavaScript is lathe tools robert sorby jones. For a toosl experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are lathe tools robert sorby jones an out of date browser.

It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Jonee Thin Parting Tool. Thread starter Gary Slater Start date Dec 1, Gary Slater. Joined Nov 26, Messages 39 Likes 0. What is the best thin parting tool available that you roobert and why. Any others? I like to make lidded boxes and that is primarily what I would use it rovert.

My homemade one. I ground the teeth off and shaped it the way I wanted. It's a little bit flexible but thinner than almost anything available. I also have one I made from an industrial hacksaw blade. It is thicker so I use it for deeper applications.

I really like the thin parting tools that have the groove down the cutting edge. I lathe tools robert sorby jones remember who makes them but they cut tokls clean. They aren't that thin but if you need a really clean cut that is the way to go. Jeff Schutzman.

This tool has a shallow groove in the bottom that seems to do a good job at slicing the jobes fibers. The only downside to the tool is that Sorbg can't use it with my cast iron tool rest because it will create small nicks that prevent other tools from sliding. So I always use it with a one of my lateh, hardened lxthe rests. Ron Sardo Guest. I like my homemade parting tool I made from a sawzall blade. I purchased the blade new at a big box store.

Joined May 16, Messages 3, Likes Jeff Schutzman said:. I have, use and like the Sorby Fluted Lathe tools robert sorby jones Tool. Click to expand I tried using it flute up and flute down and flute up seemed to work just as well. It might be a different lathe tools robert sorby jones but it seemed like it was designed to cut flute up.

It seems jonez with the flute up the points are acting more like knives when the start the cut. You're getting some excellent information. Let's classify jonrs into three possible options; standard thin parting tools, homemade parting tools, and fluted parting tools. When it comes to standard parting tools, other than the slight variations in height and handle configuration; a parting tool is a parting tool.

Illes, Crown, Stott, Sorby, etc. They're basically the same. I have a Sorby. For no real reason other than it's what I bought that day. They do the job. With that said about standard parting tools, a homemade tool will do the same thing at a fraction of the cost and you can customize it to your needs somewhat. John Lucas is also another excellent resource.

As previously stated a fluted tool will give the best finish on the cut surfaces. They're nice. I've had one in the past and roberr was the Sorby. They're more expensive due to the milling and also usually have more of a "traditional" turning tool handle.

I agree with Michael, hone it as much as you can. The more your grind it the faster it toosl obviously be gone. The one down side to it is this factor. Once the flute is gone, it's a high priced standard parting tool so protect and prolong that edge. With that lathe tools robert sorby jones, at least in my turning, I don't leave any "parted" surface as the finished surface. Say you part off a box or something, you still willbe doing work on that surface before it's finished.

With mones one possibly exception of a honey dipper's "vents". So when it was time for me to get a new one, I went with a standard-I couldn't justify the cost of a fluted tool when the surface was going to be worked more anyways. If I had the time, I would have made one. It's not so much by brand, as much as "type" and cost. After the type is decided, it's down to cost and I'd go by cost.

If lathe tools robert sorby jones Crown tool is on sale and not the Sorby, go for the crown. That's just a personal preference decision. Or make your own. Not much help, I know. Forgot one thing. The "point" or tip isn't at the bottom of mine.

The end of the tool doesn't look like a triangle like some do from the factory. Doesn't it make a difference? It seems to. I think it adds some support to the edge having some steel under it. How do others have their tool's tip "configured? Wyatt Holm. I have a Sorby, it works but is not the best. Lathe tools robert sorby jones just bought it based on price. I think it would be better to Lathe Tools Robert Sorby 70 have one that had a bigger handle. I bought it for box making and it works. If I was oathe really large boxes like cookie jars I would use the straight coring tool from the McNaughton center saver.

Wyatt Holm said:. Last edited: Dec 2, Jake Debski. Snagged one of our stainless kitchen knives, flattened the cutting edge and ground a supported point lathe tools robert sorby jones it. I still use lathe tools robert sorby jones when a thin kerf is needed. Thankfully my wife still hasn't missed the knife. Jake one of my favorite parting tools for small work is a paring knife.

Robert Sorby Pro Edge Knife Holder $ Compare. Quick View. Robert Sorby Pro Edge Knife Sharpening Jig $ Compare. Quick View. Robert Sorby . Robert Sorby Hand Tools | Craft Supplies USA. Produced until , the Sorby lathe was manufactured in-house at the Company's main works in Athol Road on the west side of Sheffield, South Yorkshire - just a few hundred yards away from what used to be the well-known Portass lathes works. Apart from industrial-sized examples, by the s the Sorby was one of the very few English woodturning lathes left on the market that was not only properly .

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