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Lg 10 bit panel tv these Pitfalls. As part bif this optimisation process Cnc Raised Panel Bits Llc the Alpha 9 upscales lower-resolution content, applies noise reduction where necessary, and enhances the sharpness to bring out more detail. Tone mapping also proved extremely accurate in testing, with Dynamic Tone Mapping mode highly effective at addressing the brightness limitations of OLED. Steve Withers is a professional calibrator and freelance journalist who regularly contributes to Trusted Reviews, reviewing ly and video products, and writing articles. I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. Leave this field blank.

Related: Best streaming sites. Blacks are deep and solid, and the self-emissive nature of OLED ensures that brighter details are produced with exacting precision. The colours are natural and the overall image has a pleasingly accurate appearance.

The TV ships in the Standard mode, and this delivers bright and colourful images that really pop. However, those who prefer a picture that adheres to the industry standards can also choose one of the two ISF modes. The 2nd-gen Alpha 9 processor certainly plays its part, upscaling lower-resolution images to ensure every pixel in the 4K panel is used to its full potential.

The AI machine learning also helps, eliminating unwanted noise and enhancing the images. The overall picture is clean and free of unwanted artefacts and banding. The Motion Pro black frame insertion feature was also introduced last year. This has now been revised, improving motion handling with less flicker. The motion handling in general was reasonable, but using the frame interpolation can make film-based content look more like video.

The inclusion of HDMI 2. The absolute blacks and pixel-precise highlights ensure that HDR retains plenty of impact. The resulting HDR images have deeply saturated colours that appear more natural and nuanced, especially when combined with the superior contrast ratios. Tone mapping also proved extremely accurate in testing, with Dynamic Tone Mapping mode highly effective at addressing the brightness limitations of OLED.

This feature analyses HDR on a frame-by-frame basis, adjusting the tone mapping accordingly, thus improving the experience. The C9 also supports Dolby Vision, which uses dynamic metadata not to be confused with dynamic tone mapping to deliver subtle improvements in the HDR performance.

Related: Best TV deals. Before saving the settings, the AI acoustic tuning allows you to compare the sound before and after optimisation. If you see banding in the area of the grayscale strip designated as bit, then the set has an 8-bit display. If it looks smooth, then the display is most likely bit. Submitted by utopianemo on August 3, - am Doesn't Dolby Vision require a bit panel to work its magic?

Search form Search. Al Griffin Aug 3, Email us at AskSandV gmail. Log in or register to post comments. DV Surety? Submitted by utopianemo on August 3, - am. Doesn't Dolby Vision require a bit panel to work its magic? Related Latest Reviews News. Last edited: Jun 15, Goto this link and click on features, its right there Normally I'd just skip to the tech specs. I have to say though the UK site is the only LG site calling it a bit panel and they are wrong, maybe they still have to correct it It has a billion colours because it has a bit processor, not a bit panel An advanced bit panel expands the colour spectrum to unlock over 1 billion hues and shades on the screen, creating a level of vibrancy that is certain to enhance your viewing experience.

Perhaps the US product is different, the evidence of not all seems based on engineers view and some early emails. Perhaps the uk product is different and 10bit. Could argue if not and purchase decision based on this then miss sold, but again unless LG come out and say mistake it is 8bit how are you really going to prove it. Perhaps if forum had one for review they could varify with test equipment etc.

I know this is an old thread, was it ever confirmed either way? Not trying to stir up a hornets nest lol Also, how much does it matter? With 4k blurays as the source Thanks for any info. SKYQ sees it as 10bit when configuring its uhd output.

Not disappointed with mine! Thanks, it looks like I'm going for a different tv now. Hopefully 8 bit won't make too much difference. I believe the tv has a 10 bit panel, somewhere on the other thread someone posted proof.

I'm just not sure what page it was on. There is rather a lot. I emailed LG in regards to the panel and this is the response I got. Hi there Darren Thank you for your email. I would like to apologise for the delay in my response. Due to a large amount of incoming emails, we are suffering from a slight backlog, which we are working on clearing as quickly as we can. In regards to Raised Panel Bit Set Volume this, your Television doesn't have an 8-bit Panel.

The UH range does in fact have a bit Panel, meaning it's much higher quality than our 8-bit TV's. Unfortunately, we are still awaiting Sky to implement our Magic Remote's software to their Sky Q boxes, which we do not have any information on when this will be done at this stage.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. Should you need any more assistance, you can reply to this email by clicking the additional questions link at the bottom of this email.

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