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Marking Knives. Rasps. Saws.  Lie-Nielsen moved from New York to a farm in West Rockport, Maine, USA and began production of this plane in a tiny back-yard shed. The first of the new planes was delivered to Chinn at Garrett Wade in the autumn of   Today, the Lie-Nielsen Toolworks products compete with mass-produced tools from companies such as Stanley and Record, with sales in the order of 20, tools a year. The acquisition of the Independence Tool Co. in added hand saws to the product line, which has further expanded over the years to include over 50 different models of planes, in addition to spokeshaves, socket chisels, screwdrivers, marking and measuring devices and workbench hardware. Tite-Mark Marking Gauges. Starrett Tools. 1 to 32 of 32 results for Measuring & Marking. Lie-Nielsen 6" Steel Rule. $ Brown & Sharpe Dial Caliper. $ Standard Combination Squares. $ - $ 12" Combination Square - 16R Graduation. $ Veritas Marking Gauges & Compasses. Veritas Dovetail Markers & Saddle Squares. Lie-Nielsen Layout Tools. Glen Drake Toolworks Tite-Mark. Starrett. PEC Tools. Fine Furniture Maker.  Ron Hock Violin Marking Knife Blades. Planes, Blades, Tool Care. By Plane Type. Block Planes. Smoothing Planes. Jack Planes. Jointer Planes.

1 to 32 of 32 results for Measuring & Marking Lie-Nielsen 6" Steel Rule $ Brown & Sharpe Dial Caliper $ Lie-Nielsen Replacement Blades Lie-Nielsen Chipbreakers Saws Tapered Saws Dovetail Saws Tite-Mark Marking Gauges Starrett Tools Wooden Clamps . In addition to the Marples Marking Knife Us Adjustable Mortise Blades, four fixed-width, Double Bevel Mortise Blades are available for the Tite-Mark and Tite-Mark Long, conveniently sized at Narex Marking Knife Canada Video 1/2", 3/8", 5/16" and 1/4". Optional 3" and 6" shaft Extensions, sold as a pair, may be used individually or joined together to extend the reach of the Tite-Mark an extra 9" by.

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