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Love it when customers share their projects. Here they used our Idaho Barnwood blend wall paneling to cover a desktop. Makes a tough job more tolerable. Great opportunity to work with waterlox truetone color infused tungoil.

We mixed a couple colors to finish these 3 panel reclaimedoak solidwooddoors. These 2" thick customdoors will be beautiful when done. Stay tuned for the next coat of waterlox h2olox. Creative use of our reclaimedbarndoor and barndoortrack. Makes quick work of pulling a tooth! Shelves made with barnwood and reclaimed lumber are the rage right now. We appreciate customers who share their creations they made with our lumber.

Check out our custombarndoors made from real reclaimedlumber mounted on lumber products reclaimed kit lowprofile barndoortrack. Lumber products reclaimed kit sliding lumber products reclaimed kit hardware is so easy to install, secure and strong. Lumber products reclaimed kit technique with osb backing on ceiling to attached individual wood planks using prefinished whitewash boards similar to shiplap.

Polyurathane construction adhesive and 23 gauge pin nails. Working overhead on scissor lift. Pin nails are lumber products reclaimed kit to hold board in place until glue cures but this is what happens when the gun runs out of nails. Projects like this are so fun for us! We got to supply the flooring, barn door hardware, and doors. An office space like this goes above and beyond for a beauty. Applying waterlox to our kitchen sink mixed hardwoods engineeredwoodflooring.

Final coat, it is a beauty! Our Idaho barnwood lumber products reclaimed kit of paneling lumber products reclaimed kit ceiling. Look what our customer was able to create with their repurposed salvage door and our track system in this special application with low ceilings. What do you do when you're challenged with square feet and low ceilings? Just what we needed!

Pop on over and see the 1st installment of the bathroom remodel! Thanks to Reclaimed Lumber Products. Learn to create high quality millwork products manufacturing wood wall paneling, hardwood flooring, and custom doors.

Reclaimed Lumber Products is a solid company with many years of experience producing high end niche products for the building industry. Job security has never been a problem at RLP. Small family atmosphere where employees are given lots of autonomy and expected to use initiative to be responsible for their own work. Employee not expected to have previous experience, but is expected to have common sense, work ethic, aptitude open to being trained, and ability to be trained on product line.

Prefer to hire for full time permanent long term position, but willing to consider other options. Long term employees are part of company bonus pool, Aflac insurance, retirement match, and paid time off.

Compensation plan favors committed employees who want to be a part of the team. Perfect use of our low profile mini v track that we sell in our barn door hardware section of our online store.

You can see the customer's low ceilings lumber products reclaimed kit offer much room over the barn door to fit a track system, and ours is the best for this! Out off the normal for us to produce a package of cabinet doorsbut this custommillwork turned out beautiful.

We have lost count of the number of shipping containers we have bought for storage. One can never have enough secure and dry storage. This delivery truck is fun to watch unload and place the container in our yard.

Great use of our reclaimedwoodwall paneling. We call this our idaho barnwood blend. This woodwall installation showcases perfectly our recommended angle iron to trim the corners. Thanks for the awesome pic rainebuilding featurewall accentwall reclaimedlumber ironart woodandsteel. V-track Give-Away. Lora B. A farmhouse vintage door keeps the old house character intact while giving more space and better function. All applicants are required to be non smoking.

5"x" 3D Reclaimed Barn Wood Smart Paneling Brown Wall Planks, Set of 12 by Westwood Thermo-Treated Lumber and Holeywood $63 - Modern luxury at an affordable price - % thermo-treated American hardwood - Planks are 1/4 in. x 5 in. x 24 in. - 10 sq. ft./box (12 planks) Get the look and feel of year old wood on your walls, without the wait! Barn wood paneling is created with our unique end-matching feature.. Our unique end-matching EZ Loc Paneling System means it goes up easily. If your eyes glaze over when we tell you that one cut will finish a row, tell your installer. It’s a great way to put up wood paneling. Our products are kiln-dried to minimize the effects of swelling and shrinking. As with all lumber products, care in handling and installation delivers the best results. View our installation instructions for the best results when installing. How to install UFP-Edge Timeless Nickel Gap Shiplap and Trim (pdf - .

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