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Sep 23, - Making a Frame From Crown Molding: Making your own frames is surprisingly difficult. These frames are for more decoration than entirely structurally sound (so do not try to hang a Picasso or a 50 lb piece of steel in one of these). But they can be used to gaudy up any space and make   Picture frames never go out of style. They make good gifts for family and friends and they are often an inexpensive way to give your home a new look. nluv Finish and Design Studio | Inspirational Crafts & Craft Kits Picture Frame It!. Crown molding is usually nailed to the wall studs along the bottom edge and into the ceiling joists above--a lot of stud-finder work. I skip all that by installing a plywood backer board to the top plate (the horizontal framing member above the wall studs). That method allowed me to nail this project's 4½-inch crown to any point along every wall.  Molding can shrink or shift out of position slightly--with a scarf joint, as opposed to a square-edged butt joint, a gap won't appear at the seam. To form a scarf joint, I made a compound-angle miter cut on the end of one length of crown. I nailed the crown to the backer board and then made an opposing compound-angle miter cut onto the end of the mating length of crown. Making a picture frame requires only a few basic and inexpensive tools.  Cut degree corners on your molding using a fine-tooth saw and a miter box. Make all measurements on the outside of the molding according to the article. When How To Make A Frame Look Antique all four pieces are cut, check to be sure the sides are exactly the same length and the top and Make Picture Frame Out Of Wood Uk bottom pieces are exactly the same, too. This guarantees that the frame will be square when it’s assembled.

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