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Keepsake Box, Wooden box, Wooden keepsake box, jewelry box, Gift Box, Card Box, wooden box with lid, exotic wood box, black red box, A very special keepsake box made from premium woods and hardware- wenge and paduk and brass stop hinge that opens to 95 degrees. Lid is a flaotingg lid which means the panel and the frame are made seperately and joined togather in a dado, which makes the lid more stable. The hinges are semi hidden with just a beautiful stripe of brass showing from the back. DIY Retropie Arcade in a Fancy Wooden Box: Here's how I made this awesome little RetroPie arcade that just looks like a nice wooden box when it's not in use.I'll cover everything in this tutorial except downloading/www.- files (the actual games). A quick Google search is all you ne   This will end up being the depth of the box. I then cut 2 pieces to 12 inches long and 2 pieces to 9 inches long, using 45 degree miters on the miter saw. I then used blue painter's tape to line up the 4 pieces and glue them together with regular wood glue. After the glue dried, I undid all the clamps and used a rabbeting bit in my trim router to notch out a slot in the bottom of the box that the back with eventually fit inside. Add Tip. Ask Question. How to Make a Jewelry Box. I made the wooden jewelry box 10″ x 5″ and 3″ high. I like the ratio look on the box and this size seems to be just big enough to be substantial, but not too big. You can easily adjust the size to any dimensions you’d like and use these same methods. I also have jewelry box plans for beginners above so make sure to check those out. The best part is this build takes very little wood. So you can buy nice hardwoods for the box and not break the bank.  Even though I used some fancy wood, this simple DIY wooden jewelry box build is easy to make and a great way to get started in box making. You can do so many more things with boxes, like splines, hinges, trays, etc. Don’t forget to get the jewelry box plans below!.

In this video, I show how to make a decorative kaking box out of red gum and white oak. This DIY gift box was a lot of fun to create, and had a few challenges along the way.

Watch the video below or follow along to see exactly how I did it:. I needed to make this box as a gift for someone. When I bought mzking bunch of white oak from him a while back, he gave me a piece of red gum.

I had never worked with it before, but I really like how it looks. I might have to seek some more out. I started out by milling down the single piece of red gum I had. One side was pretty flat already, so I just started sending it through the planer a few making fancy wooden boxes to get the other side flat and parallel to the one good side. Then, I making fancy wooden boxes the board. Resawing is just when you take a board that is say 1.

I wanted to do this on the bandsaw, but it was wider than the max that my bandsaw could resaw, so I took it over to my tablesaw. Then, I flipped it end-for-end and ran it through again. This left just a little bit in the middle where the blade could not reach all of the way through, so I had to finish off the cut with my pull saw. I had no making fancy wooden boxes it would be that much sawing by hand. Needless to say, I was a bit sore for a few days after.

Next up, I cut the miters. I did this at the table saw, but in hindsight, I probably should have used the miter dooden for this. The way I making fancy wooden boxes it, I was not able to get a continuous grain all of the way around the box sides. Glueing things together facy often be stressful. This was far from making fancy wooden boxes on this project. And pretty nicely, I might add. Once the glue dried and I making fancy wooden boxes how large ffancy one box would be, I decided to cut it in half and make two boxes out of it.

I took it over to the tablesaw to do this. For the top and bottom, I used white oak. I rough cut a couple of pieces at the miter saw and then milled them with some trips through the planer and on the jointer. Then, it was time for some laser engraving! I have the Glowforge laser engraver and I used it to engrave a large rooster into boxess top of the box lid.

At this point, it was time to cut the splines in the miters. I pulled out my spline jig for the tablesaw, and cut splines all the way around the box on all corners in two different spots. I know some people put on a flat grind blade for this, but I just used my combination blade and it seemed to yield decent results for me. I used the drum sander to get the precise fit for the spline material. Then, I mark where each of the splines will be in the long piece, and cut them out on the bandsaw.

Next, I making fancy wooden boxes in all of the splines. This is not really difficult, but you want to make sure you get the splines seated all of the way making fancy wooden boxes into the groove you cut making fancy wooden boxes each one.

Then, I use a flush trim saw and a bandsaw to cut off all of the excess spline material, as well as trim the bottom of the box to be very close to the sides. I left the top a little large on purpose so I could trim it to size later. That way, it was not as important that the engraving be exactly centered. I put the top down on my bench and laid the box on top of it. That way, I could see where to center the making fancy wooden boxes. I traced that line on the inside of the box, and used that line to make the inset part of the lid.

I put on a dado stack on my tablesaw and then cut away all around the top to match where those lines were. This would allow the lid to sit down inside the box a little bit. Then, I had to clean it up just a bit with a chisel and some sanding. The box lid had warped a little bit since I milled it down, so the dado stack took a few uneven passes.

The box top was still a little bit larger than it needed to be. I making fancy wooden boxes the sides to protrude out, but not as much as it was.

It already had the recess that would fit down inside the box, so I turned it upside down and traced the making fancy wooden boxes of the box. Then, I could use this line and a ruler to determine a distance all around the lid makjng I could trim off to make it even. Off camera, I used a flush trim bit in my router to trim the making fancy wooden boxes of the box flush with the box sides.

Then, TONS of sanding. Side note: if you want to follow along with projects while in progress and get some behind the scenes interaction, follow me over on Instagram Wioden. I used the tablesaw to cut a small rabbet on the outside of the box. This would act as a shadow line. After a bit of hand sanding, I used a block plane on the bottom of the box to give a slight shadow line when the box was sitting on a surface.

This is a neat trick and it appears to make the box almost float. I put a slight chamfer on the bottom of the lid as well, so it would have a lighter feel. Finally, it was time for finish. I really like this stuff. Big thanks to those guys for sending this making fancy wooden boxes me and letting me try it out! This was another fun project, but not without its challenges. The white oak I used for the lid kept trying to cup on me, even making fancy wooden boxes multiple milling sessions.

I was using that piece with the bark inclusions, so making fancy wooden boxes that was the reason, but it kept presenting problems. I was able to overcome those though, and the box turned out great. What do you think? Do you like the choice of walnut splines with this red gum wood?

Thanks for following along with this project! That tells YouTube that you liked it, and that they should show it to even more people. Very nice piece and beautiful wood. I wish such timber was easily available in my country UK. Reply 1 year ago. Thanks so much! It is a look splines that I'm becoming more and more fond of.

Thanks wooeen checking out the project! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you have a complete carpenters workshop. The box looks very nice, especially the way the grain 'flows" around it. Since you asked, yes I liked the walnut splines, however I think they clash with the color of the box.

Could they Wooden Mallet Hammer Near Me 3d have been installed on the inside? Somehow I might have tried installing them on the inside or makiing pieces of the same color for the making fancy wooden boxes i.

Of course that's just a matter of personal taste and how I would have done it. Making fancy wooden boxes any case what you made is a lovely piece of work.

Again, thanks for sharing. I would like to make one as a gift for someone but what did you put in it? What making fancy wooden boxes of gift goes into something like that? I just want to making fancy wooden boxes one. I love woodworking but I am not a professional and I have never made anything using splines. I could not boxs the "like" button. Reply 2 years ago. Hey John! Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, I could have gone boses more of a matching wood for the splines, but I wanted the contrast.

I might vancy something closer in color next time to see how that looks. There are some other ways to have a spline that is pretty much hidden, but I've never done it. If you want, go check out my instagram Brudaddy. I posted a finished pic with the gift contents inside. I ended up just planing some shavings of walnut and white oak, and then put a rock paper weight in laying on the shavings. However, the box was really the gift. The recipient amking boxes.

A balanced approach to making fine handmade boxes allows a combination of traditional and contemporary skills to be used appropriately. Timber is prepared and then the components are made by hand, jointed by hand and finished by hand. Jan 02,  · In this video, I make a decorative wood box with splines. This simple diy woodworking project makes a great gift. I'm surprised I've not made a box like this Author: Bruce A. Ulrich. Nov 6, - Explore Ray Bousquet's board "Wooden Box Plans" on Pinterest. See more ideas about woodworking box, wooden boxes, wooden box plans pins.

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