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Understanding lathe tooling, what it does and how it works is a big part of refining finishings and maximizing tool wear and tear. There are a lot of options, so it can seem confusing, but it really isn’t once you understand the basics. [youtube]www.- ?v=0jjyf6tqRdI[/youtube] There are five types of lathe tooling: External turning tools, boring bars, drills, threading tools, and parting tools.  Threading tools can add threads to both the interior and exterior of your workpiece. For instance, if you need to make a workpiece that you can thread a screw into, you can use internal threading tools after pre-drilling the hole.  Look in the comments for that link, and we’d love to talk lathe tooling with you in the comments!. The video shows the process of how I did cutters for homemade lathe wood. Thank you for attention! Стать партнером медиа сети AIR www.- To Join My Referral Program click the link www.- 'Crowd Hammer' Kevin MacLeod (www.- ) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution www.- Direct Link: www.- ?isrc=USUAN In this video I show how to grind a HSS AR cutter for the lathe using a home made tool grinder with a diamond wheel or CBN grinding wheel. A home made. The first face to be cut was the side face. Tokls feels like beyond this door is where the real horologist meet. If the tool tip is to be radiused, it is cut next. Chromatic Aberration lens. Search making lathe tools youtube link only. You can build a milling attachment for your lathe, rather than purchase one. JavaScript is disabled.

The Taigs are rigid and precise, and able to do surprisingly hard work for their size. I'm not involved with the Taig company in any way, except as a satisfied and enthusiastic owner. My remarks about their machines are from someone who has put them through their paces. Taig sells many accessories for their machines, and I've purchased a number of them since buying my machines.

There are many tooling items that a person may need though, which are either kind of spendy, or just not readily available in certain sizes. Sometimes you just have to make what you want.

Sometimes you need a certain tool to complete a project in progress. That's mainly what this website is about, along with some engines and other projects. You'll notice that some of the tooling projects are rather utilitarian, while others are "prettier". The main consideration in any case is an item built with the accuracy required for it to do its' job properly. I also have a 6" Atlas lathe, which I use for all my "big" projects.

Thinking there is a logical order of operations to make more accurate and expand utility. DRO from cheap calipers:. PDF warning. So I download them to read later.

This one however is printing right now. If you use something like Zotero you can at least search through your collection. It seems like just enlarging the spindle ID would vastly improve the usefulness of this. Though im sure the bearings cost more than the companies want to pay. Chromatic Aberration lens.

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