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To connect the box together I went with box joints. There are a couple of reasons for that - first of all I love the way they look. They're so classic and elegant, and they work well to sand if you want to create rounded corners. It's also a very strong joint and feels rather utilitarian which I like.  At this point I decided to make a couple more boxes, while having all the tools out - so I cut up pieces for four boxes. The sides are all made out of white oak, however the tops and bottoms differ a bit, since I didn't have material on hand for them all to be the same.  To further clean up the cuts, I used a hand plane as well as a chisel. It's important that the boxes are nice and even to be able to continue with the next step, which is cutting them open! Add Tip. Ask Question. Learn how to make a simple jewelry box with FREE plans that requires no special hardware. Perfect to build for your first woodworking box project!  I made the wooden jewelry box 10″ x 5″ and 3″ high. I like the ratio look on the box and this size seems to be just big enough to be substantial, but not too big. You can easily adjust the size to any dimensions you’d like and use these same methods. I also have jewelry box plans for beginners above so make sure to check those out. The best part is this build takes very little wood.  You could always use a hand saw. Log in to leave a comment. Susan Carroll Nov 27, at pm. close. Low Poly Wooden Box 3D Model. 3ds Max + ma c4d fbx obj. $  Wooden Box Hand Paint Gameready. Blender + fbx oth obj stl. $6. I find that the sanding block is better for large areas. This step is one of the easiest parts of this project- there is only glueing and no drilling at all. Line up the top handle on the top piece of the box, and put in all four screws with the drill using the Phillips-head bit. It would be great if each stage of the box making process — from felling the tree to delivering the final box was completed by hand. More Making wooden boxes with hand tools 3d blue-ice ». This way you will know when to stop drilling, so you will not create unsightly holes in the sides of the box.

Looking at the finished product, I wanted to point out some important things to know about the completed toolbox. I was very happy with the final result of my toolbox- it holds all of my tools comfortably.

Most importantly, it has enough room to add more tools when needed. A neat addition that came to mind was the possibility of woodburning my initials or other designs onto the wood of the toolbox.

If anyone tries that out, I would love to see the results. In fact, I would love to see any builds of this toolbox- just post an image in the comments below. If you have any suggestions, corrections, or tips, please let me know what you think in the comments section. I would love to hear any feedback on my first Instructable. Thanks for reading, and best of luck to the other contest participants. May the greatest Instructable win!

I wounder on to here from time to time, amazed at what people do and somewhat.. I have a little question, and need some insight. My over all goal is to sort them, by country, a box like this would be epic. How might I go about adding little segregated off areas? Like slats, or dividers? Or anything you wonderful people, feel might help me on this quest?

Also, my medium is pallet wood. Everyone says its stupid, BUT wood is wood. Yea know? Made this over the last couple of nights. Great, simple and straightforward plans and build. Thanks for putting it together for everyone!

I know this is an old thread but hoping to get a response still I don't hate the look of the screws by any means, but think it may look cleaner with them filled. Finished up yesterday. It's a little heavier than I'd like partly because of the thickness, partly because of the type of wood , but I think it looks pretty nice. Thanks for posting the Instructable, it was fun! Reply 6 years ago on Introduction.

That looks really great! I'm happy that you made one, and it's cool for to see the design made by someone new! Very nice job with that :. And the wood is most of the weight of the empty box, so you nearly double that when you use 1" thick board. On the bright side, you make up for it in durability what you lose in weight, so it's not a bad tradeoff.

I'm glad that you liked the instructable! Thanks for posting your finished result- it gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside that you built it and everything worked out :. What alternate wood would you recommend? I can't find any lumber place near me that stocks poplar. I would go for birch, if poplar is not available.

It's strong and stains well, but I'm not sure if the lumber stores near you stock it. If they don't have birch, you could ask a store employee which wood that is in stock is the best to use for this project, or you can ask me if you want :. I ended up using pine after talking with my neighbor who's an avid woodworker. I've never really done a project like this, so if nothing else it should let me learn a little bit about the process.

Sounds great! I would love to hear about or see pictures of your completed product when you are finished- I've never made a toolbox out of pine before, so it's a new thing for me too.

A left blade circular saw? Never understood why most circs saw have the blade on the opposite side where you have to STAND over the saw to see where you're cutting. It appears that worm drive Hypoid saws and cordless are the only ones that are always left blade. Thank you! No need to apologize for the tangent- I couldn't agree more! It seems like left-blade circular saws are becoming more popular, which is good for us right-handers : Thanks for sharing.

Good one! Wait a second my pen is even advertising to me because i'm a right-hander! I love working with Poplar and I never have enough toolboxes. I feel this would be a great project to teach woodworking to new woodworkers also and might invoke this project in an intro class.

Woodworking concepts are better taught when there's a project to teach them with and especially a useful one that can help a woodworker store their new tool collection!

Kudos to you, and your very detailed descriptions and documentation. You have my votes, and I hope you win something the contest. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you are thinking of teaching this project to new students- it is some of the most meaningful praise I can get. Getting this comment from you made my day. I'm really glad that you enjoyed my project and I would really like to hear about it if you end up using this in a class.

Introduction: Functional and Sturdy Wooden Toolbox. By blue-ice Contemporary Maker Blog Follow. More by the author:. About: I'm a maker who loves to try new things and experiment. Building my own 3D printer has been a great project, and it allows me to stretch my own horizons- looking forward to more projects in the future!

More About blue-ice ». After the glue has set, you are almost finished with the bottom of the box! Now, simply drill out the holes and put in the screws.

Repeat this process for the other side. The tray can be removed and left at home in order to carry more tools in the main toolbox area.

The tray rails don't really get in the way when you do this. The hasps don't need to be flipped up all of the way when you take off the lid. If you just lightly pull up on them, and then lift the lid, it is a lot easier to open. Don't drag the toolbox around on a floor that will get marked. Setting it down on one of these floors is okay, but the metal corners will make marks on the floor if the toolbox is dragged the corners are for protecting the toolbox, not the floor.

Even when the toolbox is empty, the lid can be opened completely and the toolbox will not tip over. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Incredible Wooden Spirals by rschoenm in Woodworking. Telescope Setting Circles by instgct in Science. Drywall Table by Mike Muldoon in Furniture. Reply Upvote. DanK 3 years ago. No where to be found around here.

EbenosWoodShop 4 years ago. AbuG2 5 years ago. Can't really understand the drawing. These skills allow the proper use of traditional hand tools still used today; chisels, hand planes, spoke-shaves, scrapers, saws and many others.

Craftsmen are able to create almost any shape with these tools; some tasks can only be done with them. Timber smoothed with a hand plane produces surface lustre unmatched by sand paper or a machine. And hand tools excel at trimming components, producing shavings thinner than 0. Joints are hand cut for accuracy and strength, or for aesthetic detail.

A dovetail created by machine is very obvious and does not have the finesse or closeness of hand cut dovetails. Many modern design requirements depend upon contemporary furniture making skills. Curves and compound shapes are made possible by laminating thin pieces of wood together over shaped forms to produce light, thin and strong components. Cut out the pieces of wood using a hand saw.

Follow the pencil lines closely so each piece is the exact size, otherwise your box will not fit together. Start building your box. Place two of the rectangular sides of wood at right angles to one another. Then, connect them using wood glue. Place glue along the longest edge and secure the two sides together. Continue constructing the box by gluing another inch-byinch piece of wood in place.

Glue along its longest edge, then affix it at a right angle to the box created in step 5. You will now have a "U" shaped structure. Add the end pieces to the box, by simply gluing the 6-inch-byinch pieces of plywood to each end of the "U" shaped box.

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