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So the first thing I looked for when reviewing Makita’s new S planer-jointer was how their engineers tackled knife installation. I was absolutely delighted with their innovative solutions. I say solutions, because there are two sets of knives in the S: one for planing and the other for jointing. On the Makita , however, there are two cutterheads. These are driven by a single belt from a motor in the base of the machine. The planer element is very similar to that of the bigger, industrial-grade Makita , just smaller. The jointer is relatively thin, but with very long (mm) tables, making it excellent for edge jointing.4/5(1). Jan 30,  · I just bought a used There’s a lot of surface rust on the jointer and planer, and there were a few acorns cached in the housing above the planer blades. But, it came with new replacement rollers and new blades for both the planer and jointer. The owner sold it all to me for $80! That’s we he had paid a few years ago.

Jun 25,  · Tonight I noticed this listing: Makita Planer for $ It's a 4 day old listing and I haven't contacted yet to check if it's still available. I am in the market to buy a planer Craftsman 6 Inch Jointer Planer For Sale Pin this summer - was looking to buy in August. I have a budget of around $ to purchase a planer. Jan 29,  · Makita N Planer Jointer woes. Jump to Latest Follow Buy a Makita Jointer Blade [D] for your Makita Power Tool - This is an original Makita replacement part. lumber, finishing, tools, machinery, woodworking related topics, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Full Forum Listing. Explore Our Forums. May 16,  · The is a terrific machine. It weighs + pounds with lots of cast iron. The 12" planer can plane for hours, just keeps going and going. The 6" jointer has very long infeed and outfeed tables so it is a joy to use on long boards.

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