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hammer in Swahili translation and definition "hammer", English-Swahili Dictionary online. hammer. IPA a Wooden Mallet Hammer Near Me 3d saw, an adze, Mallet Hammer In Swahili Game a hammer, a mallet, chisels, a drill that he worked by pulling a bow back and forth, various glues, and perhaps some nails, though they were costly. jw The Malleus Maleficarum, usually translated as the Hammer of Witches, is the best known treatise on witchcraft. It was written by the Catholic clergyman Heinrich Kramer (under his Latinized name Henricus Institoris) and first published in the German city of Speyer in It endorses extermination of witches and for this purpose develops a detailed legal and theological www.- ge: Latin. Stanley Kirk Burrell (born March 30, ), known Mallet Hammer In Swahili 30 professionally as MC Hammer (or simply Hammer), is an American rapper, Mallet Hammer Nz News dancer, record producer and entrepreneur who had his greatest commercial success and popularity from the late s until the early www.- ered for his rapid rise to fame, Hammer is known for songs (such as "U Can't Touch This" and "2 Legit 2 Quit"), flashy dance.

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