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A small incision in the timber with a marking knife, scalpel or awl is a much more precise mark to work to than a pencil line. Marking out in pencil first makes it easy to identify reference faces and edges and also gives you a chance to make Marking Knife For Sale Singapore changes before committing to a knife or scalpel line.  Because a marking knife line has depth, it can be used to register the tip of a chisel for the final paring cut, or bisected with a plane shaving to achieve very tight dimensional accuracy. Sort By. Position Name Price. Marking knives offer the most accurate means to scribe a layout line. They also cut through wood fibers, which often leads to a cleaner cut.  In addition, by using a marking knife, you often gain the benefit of fewer chip outs at the cut line. What Type of Knife Should I Use? There are several options on the market that you can choose from. (You can even make your own knife by grinding a used-up file into a knife. A small mill-basterd file is perfect for this. Hand tool guru Ian Kirby uses a Swiss Army knife to mark his joints. He likes the rounded end on the knife, which, in his experience, delivers a smoother cut. Others like pointed, bevel-edged knives. A marking knife is used for creating crisp layout lines in wood materials. It lays down a finer line than the thinnest pencil tip, and although all knives will slowly dull and eventually require a little honing or even replacement, good marking knives hold their edges and fine points for a very long time. Advertisement. Sometimes I use a marking knife by itself, other times I follow it with a pencil to darken the line in busy woods.  This marking knife is a different shape than others, almost comparable to #11 hobby knife blades. At this time I would advise against using X-Acto or other hobby knives as marking knives, as they seem too fragile for something like this. The Narex marking knife blade is ″ long and the handle is ″ long.

Schrade Knife Handbook. Search for:. Close enough. Consider this set from UJ Ramelson if you are looking for more than one marking knife shipping with a mortise marking gauge, sliding bevel, and wing compass. Wood Blanks. Fresno, California: Linden Publishing.

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