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We may receive a commission from sales referred Marking Knife Template In R by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality. THEN I was expected to split the line when working. It was customary to work to one sixtyfourth inch tolerances or better. That one technique has stood me in very good stead all these years. If you check the technique paragraph on page 14 of my first book, you will find another couple of subtle points which may help.

The position of the flat side of the knife is very important to avoid heading off in the wrong direction or shaving chunks off the sides of your tails or steel layout tools….. This last disaster can be avoided if the heel of the cutting bevel is not lifted too far from the surface of the timber.

OK, you pushed me over the edge. Andy PS — My wife would like a application to join wivesagainstschwarz….

You missed one other step in the layout education of a woodworker, and that is the ballpoint pen. Thanks for posting the tip, Chris. That way I can sneak up to the cut line with the router quite easily. I use that same white charcoal pencil to highlight my marked line in darker woods as you suggested with the lead pencil above.

By Christopher Schwarz. In Chris Schwarz Blog , Joinery. This knife, I thought, might just be a mechanical pencil that never needed lead. So slow down, and take it easy. Chris is the former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. He continues to blog and publish woodworking books at Lost Art Press. He's a hand-tool enthusiast though he uses power tools, too. David Charlesworth October 13, Chris, Good stuff as usual! Eric October 11, Great article!

Thanks for the tips. Andy October 11, Mike Lingenfelter October 9, Change to Lee Valley Canada website to see content specific to that region and the best shipping options. This image has not been loaded. To print the images, close the print Mikov Marking Knife Kit Video view and scroll to the bottom of the article. Once all of the images have loaded, select the print option again.

Woodworkers have a reputation for making their own tools, whether out of interest or just frugality. I have made, for example, my own spokeshave, awls and even router planes. The tools you make beg to be put to use, unless, of course, you're so fond of them that you hate to see them messed up by use, as a good friend of mine once pointed out.

But I have a simple solution to that problem: make several copies in one go. And that was the approach I took with my latest tool-making project.

I bought the scalpel, sold as a handle alone, and a box of 50 blades. After trying it out, I liked the long, stiff blade that marks or cuts inside the corners of deep tails. With the spare blades in abundance, re-sharpening would not be a concern for years to come.

I decided to make my own handles to put some of those spare blades to good use. They make great gifts for friends too, whether the woodworking kind or not. The small size of the knife makes it an ideal project for using the hardwood from your scrap bin.

I made mine out of cherry, mahogany and walnut blanks. See the diagram for suggested measurements and adjust them to suit the blade you will use and the handle size you prefer. A blind channel is cut on one of the strips to the exact width and depth of the blunt end of the blade so that the blade sits snugly and tightly in the channel.

A sloppy job will ruin the tight fit and spoil the strip. You can cut the blind channel on a router table or table saw. Using the blade, I set the depth of cut on the table saw to just a hair less than the thickness of the blade.

After making the first cut to establish one edge of the channel, I made a knife mark to locate the opposite edge and reset the fence to make the second cut. I cut away the waste with multiple overlapping passes. To cut the channel to its final depth, I levelled the bottom with a router plane, an indispensable tool for precision work. To avoid overcutting and test cuts, set the teeth just shy of the thickness of the blade. Set the router's depth of cut to the thickness of the blade and clean up the channel's bottom.

Using the blade as a template, I located and drilled the bolt and nut through-holes together. After boring the recess holes for the bolt and nut, I reset the stop block and drilled the pin holes, a through-hole on the channelled strip and blind hole on the other.

I cut a short pin from an aluminum rod to length and used cyanoacrylate CA glue to affix it to the through-hole. You can also use epoxy glue. After the glue was cured, I hand sanded the pin flush. With the strips bolted together, I outlined the shape on the face of the handle.

Since the grain ran in the same direction for the strips, I shaped them with a spokeshave without any worries of tear-out. See the sidebar below for some tips on using a spokeshave. If you choose to use rasps for shaping, ease the edges with abrasives, a small plane or a cornering tool. Depending on the grain direction, use push or pull strokes to shape the profile on the handle from both ends.

To maintain the angle of cut, slightly press down at the front to steady and guide the tool as you push or pull. I set the blade at a slight angle to the sole so I can vary the depth of cut by re-positioning the spokeshave rather than re-setting the cutter. A dull blade, tricky grain or pressing too hard on the heel of the shave can cause chattering. Skew the shave slightly across the direction of travel to reduce this.

During your push or pull strokes, keep steady pressure on the toe without hesitation to the end; this is not the time for timidity. After dry fitting, I disassembled the knife and signed and dated the inside faces of the handle. I applied a few coats of boiled linseed oil on all surfaces of the handle with light sanding between coats. I cut a short section out of a spine clip to make the blade protector and completed the assembly.

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