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Total price: $ The color cartridge is easily removed from the inside of the marker casing and is easily slit using an exacto knife. Once it is open you simply pull the material that contains the ink out of the cartridge sleeving and drop it into some 99% alcohol (which you can order on Amazon). These Hock Tools Marking Knife Difference markers are fabulous, great. Dry measuring Marking Knife Tormek Online cups were invented by the director of the “The Boston Cook School” and the author of “The Boston School Cook Book,” Fannie Farmer, in She developed this measuring tool with the idea that they would prove to be an essential kitchen tool and rightly so. After the invention, the measuring tool turned out to be quite handy among the masses. Certified General Tool Set contains a selection of popular tools that are ideal for general household tasks, DIY projects or job site use Tools feature ergonomic handles for added comfort Includes 3' (1 m) measuring tape, 9mm utility cutter, 2-pc precision screwdrivers (PH0, SL), 4-pc 1/4" sockets (7, 8, Marking Knife Total Tools List 9, 10mm), 1/4" x 3" extension bar, 6.

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