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Great Clamp. Purchased several of these clamps to glue door Square Clamps For Woodworking Zip casings. The advertising photo shows 2 clamps, however only 1 clamp is needed to do a corner joint. The clamp does leave minor pin marks on the casing edges/sides. With this said, the clamps work very well in getting nice miter joints. Woodpeckers new Miter Clamping Tool directs the pressure straight across the miter joint, pulling the joint together, instead of forcing the 45° miters to slide against each other. Woodpeckers Miter Clamping Tools work with any stock width, from tiny cove molding to the largest picture frame stock. Just clamp a tool to each joining workpiece then place a third clamp across the joint from tool to tool. Omni Cubed, Inc. is Best Clamps For Table Top Glue Up 50 a Northern California based, Christian owned, engineering and design company providing high quality, innovative tooling for the stone Toggle Clamps For Sale fabrication industry.

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