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I assure you the productivity of this tool will exceed your highest expectations. The powerful 1. Technology advancements have allowed us to be efficient nova 1624 ii manual site every aspect of machines nowadays. Overview Reviews. In testing the prototypes for this new ssite, I found myself creating forms that were never even on my list to try because the dangers and complications of existing tools were just not worth the trouble.

Incredible power in a compact working space, great for those who need all the workshop space Woodworking Sites For Beginners Queen they can get! Powerful 1. All old accessories and parts are interchangeable.

These feature easy-grip rubber handles. Quick Action Cam Controls — precisely adjust to your requirements, fast Large range of accessories sold separately True Swivel head — easy on the back and allows Turner to operate in a compact working area — great for those who need extra workshop space. Reversible motor — Great for finishing and left-handed turners. Adjustable vibration dampening stand — Feet individually adjustable to suit floor level, included with the lathe.

Specifications Bowl turning capacity: 16" onboard. Extendable in 20" increments, using optional bed extension accessory not included Motor: 1. High accuracy and easy swivel.

Indexing: 24 Division Due to potential fraudulent transactions, orders containing name brand products may be required to ship to the billing address.

All this fits into a compact workspace, yet is expandable to meet the needs of the largest projects. Includes cast iron and steel stand. Thank you! See Photo Above. It's a simple, easy to fit bolt on intelligent motor. All the existing functions that you know and love from your lathe such as the full swivel headstock, still feature on your new upgrade. Easy set up and use - No need for belt changes. Only one belt position required for full DVR variable speed from rpm to rpm, including 5 custom pre set speeds for your project roughing to finishing.

The intelligent computerised control assists you with your turning, for instance, measuring the weight of the workpiece and adjusting the performance accordingly, the ability to sense faults in the set up and advise, sense safety issues such as chisel dig ins and spindle lock, and instantly shuts down power to the spindle. Instant power when you need it. With a computer that automatically adjusts performance and solid cast iron construction, the DVR TM Upgrade is one smooth operator.

This delivers the ability to turn faster and more efficiently Bandsaw Tpi Recommendations Site and cuts down on sanding time. Computer control instantly cuts power to the spindle if it senses a chisel dig in, or if the spindle lock is on when wanting to turn the spindle.

Smart computer controlled motor only draws as much power as it needs for the project being worked on. Click HERE for more information. Warranty - 2-Year Full Replacement. Other lathes may be able to be upgraded also - TBC.

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