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Standard Equipment 2 cast nova wood lathe accessories europe hinged pieces Fastenings Manual. Great permanent addition to your NOVA lathe. Enables the turner to return to a preset height again instantly. This centre is also needed to mount the large stepped cone accessoriee. Toolrest made out of solid cast iron top.

The Porter-Cable Belt Sander not pictured features variable speeds, ranging from ft. The router is a versatile tool for a broad range of applications, including precise bit plunging, edge forming, slot cutting, laminate trimming and dovetail cutting. Drill presses are precision tools that bore square holes in exact locations at specific depths. This 16 speed model Nova Wood Lathe Canada lets you choose the best speed for the job. Once a face has been flattened on the jointer, run the board through a planer for a consistent thickness along it's length.

Both faces will be flat and parallel to each other. The band saw is the most versatile machine in the studio. It can be used for cutting irregular shapes and re-sawing lumber into thinner stock.

Our Jet band saw has a 12 " re-saw capacity. Keep tools sharp with this 8" slow speed grinder by Rikon, equipped with two white aluminum oxide grinding wheels: one grit wheel and one grit wheel. An assortment of Nova Wood Lathe Parts Network core hand tools that every woodworker needs, including hand planes, back saws, chisels, carving tools, and more.

Use hand tools in place of power tools for a peaceful and rewarding experience. Combination belt and disc sanders are driven by an electric motor and used in shaping and finishing wood. Mortise and tenon joints are a mainstay of woodworking and there are several types of jigs to create this popular joint.

But none of them provide the accuracy and repeatability of the new Powermatic Tenoning Jig. With the unique set up of the Powermatic Tenoning Jig, the guess work and uncertainty is taken out of the tenon cutting process. The ultimate sanding tool for quickly and easily smoothing out arcs, curves, contours and odd shapes.

We offer a variety of handheld power tools, including power drills, circular saw, and jigsaw. To help you get the job done, we also provide accessories for pocket holes and saw tracks by Kreg Jig. Cut accurate and square mortises for your joinery project every time! Precision machined and 3 bearings for maximum long life.

Standard Parts. However, for lathes with 1 or 3 MT, by using appropriate adaptor, this unit can be fitted also. Threaded Centre. This centre has an internal thread to mount either a bolt or a screw hanger bolt. This enables the centre to be used to mount wooden plugs, disks or mandrels as support pieces for turning either bowl work or spindle applications. With it's internal cone form, this centre can also be used for quick centreless mounting of squares or rounds up to 8mm for spindle applications.

This centre is also needed to mount the large stepped cone accessory. Miniature Extension Centre. This item is designed to support thin work or small, delicate turnings. Two of these centres could be used for each half of the pen mandrel - one being fixed in the Live Centre, the other being located in the headstock spindle. It is good all purpose centre designed for a wide variety of applications. Ideal for medium to hardwoods.

Hollow cup centre and point. Ideal for softwood support, the Hollow Cup Centre comes with it's own demountable centre point.

By using the hollow cup centre, turners will able to dig a hole within the spidle item. Stepped Cone. Reverse mounting of cone allows wedge fit of hollow section work. Needs the Threaded Centre to mount it on the Live Centre. Allows for perfect alignment when remounting work to turn the other side in dead or live mode, saving you time and material normally wasted in truing work piece up. In live mode it can also be used to support work with a chuck e.

Ensures the most accurate remounting of projects. Quick mounting. Made from medium tensile carbon K steel to provide maximum structural strength. Material: Carbon Steel. Made from solid cast iron, providing rigid strength and stablity. Arms are easy to articulate and the camlocks make it fast and easy to move into position and lock. Each extension adds 20 inch between centre capacity. Add as many extensions as you require for your project.

Easy to install. Made from solid cast iron, with CAD designed webbing throughout, providing rigid strength and stablity. In the new Black color, with new decaling designed to work best with the II lathe, but able to be used on the older lathe models mentioned above. Comes Wood Lathe Accessories Near Me Va with instructions and fastenings. Features and benefits. Toolrest made out of solid cast iron top. Handy for smaller work when you don't want a toolrest to get in the way.

Made out of a solid steel billet, this faceplate is strong and robust. The small faceplate is often convenient for initial workholding or even quite large pieces. One of the advantages they offer is their small contact area allowing maximum freedom while shaping behind a bowl. But because they are a small faceplate with reduced contact area, they do need to be made strong.

The NOVA 80mm faceplate does deliver with its quality solid steel design. The faceplate is coated with a rust protective black finish. The Nova Toolrest Collar ring can be locked onto the tool shaft for maintaining your tool rest at the fixed height. Therefore you don't need to worry about the height of your toolrest, when you adjust your toolrest to a different direction. Features at a glance. Example of using the unit for indexing:.

Teknatool Lathe Accessories. Features and Benefits Space Saving. Saves you space when you are not needing the extra capacity, without having to remove the extra bed length.

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