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Excellent dust collection. AM by iminmyshop | 11 comments» My 14 year old 1 3/8hp Powermatic dust collector finally bit the dust (pun intended). I’m glad it did. This 5hp Oneida dust collector puts it to shame. I’m not used to working in such a clean shop. The suction on this is amazing. Oneida Air Systems' dust collectors are the industry leaders in airflow performance, filtration, and build quality. 11 Reviews. As low as $3, Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare List. Mini-Gorilla Portable Cyclone Dust Collector. Rating: 93%. 20 www.- : () Sep 17,  · Oneida dust collectors. About 15 years ago I wanted to buy the best dust collection system I could afford. After much reading I was told that Oneida was the only way to go. I drew a to scale diagram of my shop, listed the machines I owned and the distances involved.

Sep 04,  · Looking for advice from anyone using the new Oneida Supercell 5 hp dust collector. Trying to get some reviews from someone who actually bought one and are currently using. V I decided to go with a traditional cyclone design - either the V or a Clearvue, but I ended up finding an Oneida Super Dust Gorilla that was around ten years. Jan 19,  · Most hobbyist vendors sell 4" dust collection duct and flex hose as their standard. This works well to collect chips, but strangles the airflow needed for good fine dust collection. A typical 2 hp hobbyist dust collector with a 12" diameter impeller moves a maximum of about CFM, but a 4" duct airflow drops that airflow to only about CFM. Oneida’s website has details about the Mini Gorilla and the rest of their large line of dust collectors. This review is unsolicited and uncompensated. This review is unsolicited and uncompensated. Grunt machines like a good dust collector are not glamorous and there is .

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