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Speakers:Alik FishmanAkin KoyuncuoguXu WangZhiping YaoThis workshop will provide a technical overview of the latest networking devices coming from. Facebook uses, maintain, and contribute to a significant number of major projects through the Open Compute Project, server and storage hardware.  Facebook Infer is a static analysis tool to detect bugs in Android and iOS apps before they ship. If you give Infer some Objective-C, Java, or C code, it produces a list of potential bugs. Anyone can use Infer to intercept critical bugs before they have shipped to people’s phones, and help prevent crashes or poor performance. But for many, Facebook's decision to "open source" these hardware designs seemed overly idealistic, impractical, even pointless. The idea was that others could use Facebook's designs to build their own online operations, create a broad market for the gear, and reduce Facebook's costs even further.  On Tuesday, at the annual Silicon Valley gathering of the Open Compute Project, the non-profit that oversees Facebook's effort to share hardware across the tech industry, Project chairman and ex-Facebooker Frank Frankovsky announced that Apple has joined the effort, following in the footsteps of Microsoft, cloud computing giant Rackspace, and several of the country's biggest financial companies, including Goldman.

The telcos have signed onto the Open Compute Project OCPa non-profit set up by Facebook in which end-user companies joih together and design their own, no-frills hardware including servers, network and storage gear. The OCP members can include just the capabilities they need in a product, free of the "gratuitous differentiation" that bumps up prices in equipment from traditional vendors.

They enlist low-cost manufacturers in Hareware to produce the equipment. The OCP has focused so far on cloud providers and large enterprises, but telcos will now submit design specifications for the powerful switches and other gear they use to run the world's communications networks.

They face several challenges, he said. Their revenues aren't growing in step, so they need access to lower-cost gear to build out their infrastructure. Another challenge is that enterprises are moving more workloads into public clouds run by Microsoft, Amazon and Google. Those cloud providers are threatening the managed network services that open hardware facebook join provide to move open hardware facebook join reliably between corporate data centers.

To connect to the public clouds and keep providing those managed services, telcos need to adopt the emerging network technologies being used by those cutting-edge cloud providers, including software-defined networking and NFV, or network functions virtualization. Joining OCP should help them keep their costs down by making wider facebkok of industry-standard hardware. It's also about innovating faster. He expects Verizon to buy equipment from "a mix of traditional and non-traditional" suppliers, he said.

Facebook has already developed a pair of powerful OCP switches for cloud and enterprise use, and the new telco equipment could add to the pressure on traditional vendors. Those companies aren't standing still.

Cisco noted that it's been a member of OCP since The OCP equipment takes time to design and manufacture, and it will need to be tested thoroughly for compatibility before it can be dropped into a telco infrastructure. Still, a move toward wider use of commodity hardware can't be good for traditional vendors, and the cash-strapped telcos are clearly looking for a way fzcebook cut costs.

Here are open hardware facebook join latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider. Open hardware facebook join out the latest Hardwwre stories here. More from the Open hardware facebook join Network. Opdn 'Wedge' network switch jokn soon be on sale to all.

Facebook aims to extend Open Compute model to telecom gear. Facebook releases design for its souped-up A. NetApp's new CEO talks about hybrid cloud, hatdware challenges.

Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu alt + / to open this menu. Sep 18,  · Facebook announced three new hardware products focused on video calling and augmented reality, doubling down on its smart speakers that . Jan 27,  · The telcos have signed onto the Open Compute Project, a non-profit set up by Facebook in which end-user companies get together and design their own, no-frills Author: James Niccolai.

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