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Еще до недавнего времени все потуги в области Open Source Hardware исходили либо от любителей, которым не терпится собственными руками заниматься изготовлением различного оборудования и сборкой устройств, либо от индивидуальных профессионалов, которые шутки не шутят, но Open Hardware Network Switch 30 все так же работают на крупнейшие корпорации, помогая им краудсорсить чьи-то мысли в собственные коммерческие наработки.  Вдохновленные преимуществами свободной разработки, ученые решили попытаться использовать ту же модель с целью развития железа, преимущественно — для сложных систем, вроде того же Коллайдера. Конечно, нельзя ничего. This is a list of open-source hardware projects, including computer systems and components, cameras, radio, telephony, science education, machines and tools, robotics, renewable energy, home automation, medical and biotech, automotive, prototyping, test equipment, and musical instruments. Homebrew D-STAR Radio. Monome 40h – reconfigurable grid of 64 backlit buttons, used via USB; a limited batch of was produced; all design process, specifications, firmware, and PCB schematics are available online. Share your open hardware designs with the community. INVENT. Learn and innovate by mixing your ideas with others.  Contact Us to join this list manufacturers supporting the open source hardware movement. News History. We're happy to announce Seeed Studio as new manufacturing partner. I am also very interested in seeing ways in which public administration can help create a better society through the use of open source, and I am currently helping in hardwaee study on the impact of open source for the European Commission [10]. How did you first get involved with open source hardware? Hardware from the open-design movement. Linux-powered devices. Following the Open Graphics Projectan effort to design, implement, and manufacture a free and open 3D graphics hardward open hardware org network and reference graphics card, Timothy Miller suggested the creation of an organization to safeguard the interests of the Open Graphics Project community. Examples of open source medical equipment include open-source ventilatorsthe echostethoscope echOpen orgg a wide range of prosthetic hands listed in the review study by Ten Open hardware org network et.

A number of talks from these communities are featured this year, and the suggested schedule below is an ideal way to navigate ONF Connect if your primary interest is in hardware platforms and open hardware systems.

Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Open Hardware Track. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. It can also create challenges when the community wants to talk to itself — let alone create welcoming pathways for new community members. The report allows the open source hardware world to collectively identify what is working, share insights, and rally around shared challenges.

It distills lessons learned and describes the collective understanding of the state of open source hardware. The report provides guidelines for how open source hardware can be a viable approach to hardware development, as well as identifies situations where open source hardware may not be the strongest approach.

It also examines challenges that remain unresolved in , along with opportunities for open source hardware in the future. Like any weather report, this document is a snapshot of a moment in time. It was originally intended to flow from an in-person workshop held in connection with the tenth anniversary Open Hardware Summit at the Engelberg Center.

When the Summit went virtual , that workshop transformed into a series of interviews with a cross section of the open source hardware community. Common themes, concerns, and challenges emerged during those discussions. The report provides an opportunity to summarize, distill, and universalize those insights.

It makes it easier for the community to understand what is working in most places, and what challenges still demand our collective attention. While this report is distilled from community input, it will also benefit from additional thoughts, concerns, and observations. That is where we invite comments from the community, both on the substance of the report and on the form of the report itself.

Let us know if a snapshot report is useful to you, and what we can do to make it more useful in the future. Finally, thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute to this report.

Some — but certainly not all — of them are listed in the acknowledgement section of the report. We also welcome outreach from other members of the community who did not participate this year, especially if they might be interested in participating in a future report.

All questions were optional, so you may notice response counts do not always add up to We ask these questions as part of our efforts to promote diversity in the community, but these too were optional and anonymous. Interested in more granular results for any of these questions? Reach out to us at info oshwa.

Board members will hold a 2-year position. Once board members have been chosen by the community, the board will appoint a President, VP, and Secretary. The vote will be open on Oct. Members will be emailed a link to vote. Here are the nominees in no particular order:. Why do you want to be on the board?

I am excited about how far we have come with the open source hardware certification program and believe that it can become an effective way to identify open source hardware in a wide range of fields. I also think that OSHWA as an organization can continue to act as a place for the open source hardware community to speak with itself, and as an entry point into the community for new members.

What qualifies you to be a board member? I have been on the OSHWA board for a number of years already, and served as the board chair for a number of those. I helped launch the OSHWA open source hardware certification program and continue to help oversee it.

I am enthusiastic about the role that open source hardware can play in the world, and love being part of an organization that can bring such a wide ranging community together. Open Source Hardware Association will give me a bigger platform to contribute to the community at large with the influence of evangelizing more people through speaking, engagement, and collaborations.

I want the entire hardware community to also enjoy my experience as an advisory board member of the Intel innovator program. I also think the African region is not heavily represented in the association, with the great influence of becoming a board member I will impact the sensitization in my region to bring more people both corporate and individual members to join, give them a platform to certify their hardware designs.

I am talking about thousands of hardware developers in the community. Over the past 10 years, I have been educationally, professionally, and generally proven for my skills. I was part of the open-source hyperloop team rLoop , I contributed as an embedded system engineer, I was Open Hardware Network Switch Github selected as intel software innovator and later became an Intel Board member for the innovator program, I have organized over 50 meetups in Nigeria.

Just recently I was part of the dream team awardee at the Hackaday competition. In and , I was nominated as one of the most influential young Nigeria for the technology aspect of the award. I hope to provide more support to the community using the OSHWA platform and reach more people in the hardware community. As a returning student who will be actively participating in research pertaining to the development of technologies relating to clean energy, information processing, and the like, it is important to find opportunities to build bridges between academia and Open Source initiatives.

OSHWA is a pivotal organization in helping to direct hobbyists and other interested parties toward the Open Source ethos as well as setting up a collaborative, community-driven framework for future development. I am an information technology professional with ten years experience under my belt. I have recently returned to school in order to pursue a second undergraduate degree with the intention of proceeding into a research-oriented career.

The Open Source ecosystem must find ways to firmly establish itself within academia so that educators, students, and researchers can be uplifted by more accessible tools. I intend to utilize a position within OSHWA for the benefit of higher education in order to mitigate costs for both schools and students while also providing avenues for an improvement in the quality Open Hardware Network Switch Update of education overall.

Since covid I helped organise atleast one virtual meetup locally without any miss which gave me a good exposure of virtual new normal technical meetups m programs.

I believe I am now ready to take the next logical step, namely to offer some of my time to help with these and other endeavours. As OSHW becomes mainstream in more and more domains, the coming years will be full of challenges and opportunities. OSHWA is ideally positioned to provide a framework, channeling all this momentum and guaranteeing that the sharing of hardware designs is done right.

Since , I gave myself the goal to provide a working experience for HW developers in the section similar to that of their SW colleagues, in terms of their ability to share with and learn from others, work with companies without the risk of vendor lock-in and easily bring in help from outside the laboratory.

I have also written about various subjects, including the reasons I believe public institutions are an ideal vehicle to boost OHSW [4]. My advocacy work has taken me to present in many venues, including the last online OH Summit [5].

At work, I am the initiator and leader of the White Rabbit project [8], which has been portrayed as an example of synergistic relationship between open source and standardisation bodies [9]. I am also very interested in seeing ways in which public administration can help create a better society through the use of open source, and I am currently helping in a study on the impact of open source for the European Commission [10].

I want to continue be a visible advocate for open source hardware. It is important to reach out to communities that may be not be aware of the open source hardware philosophy and the potential benefits. In particular, I would like to grow the visibility of OSHWA in the chip design community where open source is starting to gain acceptance. My vision is to have a computer system where it is certified open source hardware all the way down to the transistor level.

I believe I have proven to be a strong advocate for open source hardware to DIY makers, hardware hackers and professional engineers. I have led electronic badge projects for the past two Open Hardware Summits to be demonstrate open collaboration on hardware design and to encourage people to hack on electronics.

The work that OSHWA does in moving forward the field of open source hardware is super important to so many projects out there, including the work that we do at Conservify and FieldKit. The milestones around certification and the virtual Open Hardware Summit this year are impressive feats, and I hope to continue to work on the board to help move that work forward along with new things that OSHWA would like to do in the future.

I would like to bring in the connections I have made in the foundation and nonprofit funding spaces to help to increase the capacity of what OSHWA can do. There is a eagerly growing interest in open hardware within the scientific and conservation fields that I work in, and I have always been a very outspoken proponent of choosing open solutions over proprietary.

I want to do all that I can to help keep that momentum in those spaces and other fields , and I believe that a board member position at OSHWA is a great place to do that from. I also believe that many of the connections I have made in my work can benefit OSHWA, both in the fundraising space and the outreach side of things. Everything we work on at Conservify and FieldKit which one the Hackaday Prize is open source and always have been. For FieldKit, we are actively building a community of users and developers that will be contributing to an international open source project, and would like that to be closely aligned with the work happening at OSHWA.

I am also working on a number of global initiatives that are adjacent to OSHWA, including one around open environmental sensing, one around open distributed manufacturing, and one around open source conservation technology. I think that the exponential diffusion of open source in the past decade is one of the best things that happened to the technology world.

Individuals can learn from open source designs, and it lowers the barrier of entry to the market for new businesses, democratizing the process. I want to be part of the board to contribute to the effort, trying to bring more and more businesses on board with the open source philosophy, by showing them how they can benefit from sharing and using open source designs.

I also want to develop a strategy to influence governments and funding bodies to ensure that designs developed thanks to publicly funded research are released as open source. I am an audio engineer by training and I have a PhD in electronic engineering. During my PhD I contributed to the creation of Bela, an open source platform for embedded audio processing. All the products we release at AIL are open source software and hardware, and we believe in building on and contributing to the open source community.

I would use my experience in grant writing to gather funding for OSHWA, which could play a key role as a main applicant or project partner in projects aimed at education and knowledge share. Here are the results: How do we run our elections? Whenever you see the certification logo on hardware: You know that it complies with the definition and that the documentation can be found using its unique identifier UID. The new API supports both read and write access to the certification process.

What Happens Now? This jumped to The increase in people with open source software experience and improvement in repository collaboration offerings may be contributing factors. This is likely due to being the first virtual summit.

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