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The stamp should be heated until the personalized wood burning stamp 3d of the stamp burns dark black. Handles: We manufacture our wooden handle from Exotic and Hardwoods. Square Rectangle. Stamps Direct Electric Branding Irons are a fun and wood way to brand, well… your brand! Mount Height Clear. The Electric Branding Iron is perfect, for carpenters, wood turners, picture frame makers, leather craftsmen. Why just leave an impression when you can Burn it in!

Mount Shape Clear. Square Rectangle. Mount Width Clear. Less than 1" wide Less than 2" wide Less than 3" wide Less than 4" wide More than 1" wide More than 2" wide More than 3" wide More than 4" wide. Mount Height Clear. Less than 1" tall Less than 2" tall Less than 3" tall Less than 4" tall More than 1" tall More than 2" tall.

View as Grid view List view. Featuring a laser-engraved index on an hourglass wood mount, these custom rubber stamps are not only beautiful, but also offer quality impressions of your customized design. Choose from multiple sizes and shapes to find the best fit for your needs, and then add your own personalized text or upload an image or artwork. Custom rubber stamps offer a natural and crafty feel and are great for a wide variety of uses.

Immortality is achieved through the ideas we leave behind and, more importantly, the values we leave for others to aspire to! I think, "who has inspired me? To me, it is important for future generations to learn from others and what they create! I manufacture branding irons for this future. To give generations to come someone behind the something to be inspired by! The people who shaped our past are long gone. Now it's up to you to shape our future!

Current lead time: days Applies to sizes in stock. Scroll down for more. Thank you for choosing a High Heat Stamp! Order Now on www. Many Sizes Available. Burn any personalized image quickly with ease! Upload your own images. Use any solid color image as your design!

Burn multiple times before reheating! Handles: We manufacture our wooden handle from Exotic and Hardwoods. Heating: I recommend a kiln or torch for most efficient heating.

Material: carbon, red heart wood, steel Material color: charcoal, red, steel Max temp: F Burn rate: 0.

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