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Pfeil bent spoon gouge 30mm wide profile 8a/30 Pfeil size gouge of excellent quality, octagonal handle made of ash wood, special steel of chrome vanadium alloy of exceptional elasticity and sharpened with high hardness thanks to the tempered in electric ovens. Perfectly sharpened from origin, ready to use. Made in Switzerland These short spoon gouges have been designed to flush the wood making frills and approaching cuts, the profile 8 is used to empty bowls or containers, also for carving ornaments, spokes and rounded surfaces. Technical features: Profile: 8a - Curved spoon. Cutting width: Swiss Made Pfeil Tools Full Size Spoon Bent. Spoon or Short Bent: A gouge where the blade is straight with a curve at the end, like a spoon. Therefore used for work in deep or inaccessible areas. Full Size tools average ″ to ″ in length therefore providing two-handed control. A mallet can be used on these quality carving tools. All Swiss Made tools are forged from a steel alloy made specially for Pfeil because standard is not good enough for them. Pfeil tools come sharpened, polished, and honed razor sharp therefore making them ready-to-use straight from the package. Pfeil tools are man. Blade length: 70mm Full length: mm. show more. Pfeil Linoleum spoon bent gouge - n.8A - 7mm PFEL8A/7. Terms of sale Privacy policy. Enter your email address: VALIDATE CANCEL. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password in a few minutes. PROCEED. x.

Jan 07,  · 60 Degree spoon bent v-gouge: 45 Degree spoon bent v-gouge: 14a: 55 Degree spoon bent v-gouge: Back bent straight chisel: Flattest back bent gouge: Back bent gougle, there seems to be a break in the Pfeil numbering scheme here Back bent gouge Back bent gouge Back bent gouge Back bent gouge: #5 Sweep Bent Gouge 25 mm Full Size. Filter Results. Sort by: Sort. Quick View. Item 05Y Model L12/1 pfeil Swiss made - #12 Sweep V-Parting Tool 1 mm Palm Handled pfeil Swiss made - Spoon Knife, Round, Small, Bevel Left # $ Add to Cart. Compare. Quick View. Item 05E Model 7/14 pfeil Swiss made Woodcraft Pfeil Gouges Journal - #7 Sweep Gouge 14 mm Full Size 5/5. PFEIL"Swiss Made" 25mm # 8 Sweep Bent Gouge. Sweep spoon gouges are shaped similar to a tablespoon and are most useful when a long straight blade would be impractical because of detail or size of the work. PFEIL carving tools and sets are "Swiss Made". "Swiss Made" implies reliability and Reviews: 8.

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