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The Best Pocket Hole Jigs for Woodworking - Bob Vila

The Armor Tool Auto-Jig is changing the landscape of pocket hole joinery and the way you make pocket holes in your shop. Our system self-adjusting system will set your drill guide setting and drill bit collar based off of the thickness of the piece you're clamping (see video for demonstration). No more manual setting, measuring, or adjusting. Pocket-hole jigs are some of the most indispensable woodworking tools. You can drill holes at an angle using your regular electric drill, but the resulting holes will have inconsistent sizes and the angles are less precise. You can opt to toenail the two pieces (connect the pieces of wood with a nail. A pocket hole jig makes the whole process much faster and easier. The jig allows you to drill accurate holes into your timber. You then screw through these to join two pieces together. The angle of the holes (15°) gives maximum strength to the joint. These kits are effective with all .

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