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A pocket hole jig is one of the best ways to get into woodworking. But did you know there are big differences between the entry level jigs and a pocket hole system? For example, a system will feature fast clamping, dust collection, clamps and a self contained system for fast drilling. In this guide learn what the the best pocket hole jig is for your projects. Including a few Kreg jig alternatives. For over a decade I’ve been using a Kreg K4 Classic Jig when I need to build furniture or do joinery I wouldn’t otherwise tackle with my biscuit joiner. And while its been a great tool I’m considerin. Kreg makes a pocket-hole jig to fit just about any building need and budget. The basic, entry-level model shown above features just a single guide hole. To position the jig for drilling a pocket hole, you clamp it to the workpiece. At the other end of the spectrum is this deluxe model. As you can see, this benchtop jig has the advantage of a built-in workpiece clamping system.  Setting up the jig. For the best results, a pocket hole should be drilled so that its pilot section stops just short of the surface and the screw will exit near the center of the edge (drawings above). To get this right, you need to set up the jig and the drill bit properly. In most cases, the stock you're working with will be 3/4 " thick. Many of the jigs are designed around this fact. A pocket hole jig is a convenient tool that helps DIYers drill angled holes into woodworking pieces to create an accurate joint. To help you find the right model for your woodworking projects, the This Old House Reviews team researched the best pocket hole jigs on Amazon. Here are our top recommendations. Read full article. Most versatile. Includes a Clamp Pad Adapter. Kreg Pocket Hole Jig (Pocket Hole Jig ). out of 5 stars 6, $$ This portable pocket hole jig from Kreg includes a removable spacer that lets you separate or combine the jigs for single- or dual-hole dril.

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