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Pocket Hole Workstation: Pocket hole joinery is one of the most versatile methods of construction in woodworking. It allows the woodworker to make things as simple as picture frames, or as complex as custom cabinetry, with simple straight cuts. Jigs Pocket Hole Jig Workstation for making pocket ho   The jig is moved higher or lower in the pinch box to drill holes in different thicknesses of wood. For 1/2", the bottom of the jig needs to extend below the bottom of the pinch box. A /4" clearance hole is drilled in the base to allow this. These 8 best pocket hole jigs will save you a great deal of time and effort. Check out our detailed reviews with pros and cons included, and choose the best one for your needs.  To that end, you certainly need the best pocket hole jig you can find to attach two pieces of wood together without considerable effort. A high-quality jig will make it a snap to connect wood pieces and help you hide the screws for a professional-looking finished product. But how do you make sure that you’re getting the best jig for your needs?. Make a workstation for your Kreg K4 pocket hole jig. Share this. 31shares.  With this set of plans, you will receive all dimensions and a step by step guide to assembling the workstation. Overall dimensions 29 7/8in (cm)L X 4 1/4in (cm)H X 15 1/2in (cm)D. Related products. Oct 18,  · Pocket Hole Jig Workstation By: Phil Huber Using a pocket hole jig speeds up the Pocket Hole Jig Near Me Zip Code construction of a project. Find a place to set up the jig? That's a different story. Try this approach to storing and using your pocket hole jig to save time and space. Pocket-hole jigs are some of the most indispensable woodworking tools. You can drill holes at an angle using your regular electric drill, but the resulting holes will have inconsistent sizes and the angles are less precise. You can opt to toenail the two pieces (connect the pieces of wood with a nail. Feb 24,  · Insert the drill bit into the jig and make a mark where the tip of the bit hits the base. This is where a pocket hole will be centered. Measure 2" from the mark on each Pocket Hole Jig Drill Press Zip Code of the front rails to show where to position the adhesive measuring tapes. I used the 2" side of .

When you throw in its lifetime warranty and its compliance to the FSC Forest Stewardship Council , you have a tool you can feel good about using. The jig is up! Note: After your purchase, you will receive an email containing a PDF attachment of your purchased plan, as well as instructions for logging in to download the plan and access any other associated files and videos, which will all be located on this page. Verify the fit on the jig. Insert the drill bit into the jig and make a mark where the tip of the bit hits the base.

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